David Nordschow Amplification Releases DNS Series Cabinets

Industry icon raises the bar again with new bass guitar speakers

The new DNS-410 - the Flag Ship of the DNS series.Chicago, IL, October 7, 2010 -David Nordschow Amplification, LLC (DNA) today announced the release of its DNS series of bass guitar speaker cabinets. The new line of cabinets features flared ports for reduced drag and improved bass response, very high power voice coils for enhanced performance and durability, and a front-mounted tweeter level control.

The founder and creative genius behind Eden Electronics, David Nordschow (founder, CEO and Chief Engineer of DNA) has long been considered one of the most highly-regarded designers in the history of bass amplification. The DNS series is a step forward for Nordschow, and combines leading edge technology with concepts he explored in the past.

“I went back and revisited flared porting, which I had used in my early years as a PA system designer,” said Nordschow. “At the same time, I wanted to use some of the latest technologies, bringing everything together to create a line of cabinets that would take bass amplification to the next level.”

The DNS series also features:

· Ultra-light cabinets with massive bracing for durability and consistency of sound

· Low compression, low distortion tweeters for extremely smooth, sweet highs

· Full 2-way crossovers for enhanced mid-range and highs

· All-new speaker designs by Nordschow, exclusive to DNA

The DNS series was created in close collaboration with numerous touring professionals and industry insiders, as well as members of the DNA forum community.

“We reached out to many of the friends who have been with David for years,” said Lane Baldwin, VP, Sales and Relationships, himself of professional bassist. “At the same time, we talked a lot with forum members and offered user polls to help us better understand what players are looking for in a bass speaker cabinet. I think the results speak for themselves.”

The DNS series consists of:

DNS-410 (1400W RMS, 37Hz-14KHz)    DNS-112N (450W RMS, 32Hz-14KHz)

DNS-210 (700W RMS, 34Hz-14KHz)      DNS-112N/Micro (450W RMS, 37Hz-14KHz)

DNS-110 (350W RMS, 45Hz-14KHz)      DNS-115N (450W RMS, 36Hz-14KHz)

Nordschow is understandably excited about the release of the DNS series. While the company was launched in January, 2010, these speaker cabinets are the first products offered.

“We didn’t want to rush anything,” Nordschow said. “We learned in the past how much trouble early release can cause, so we took the time to get it right the first time. We feel confident, and hope that users will agree, that it was well worth the wait.”

David Nordschow Amplification is the next step in the long, successful career of one of the industry’s most highly-regarded designers. The company offers leading edge products for the serious bass guitarist, and backs them with truly uncompromising service standards to offer the ultimate customer experience. For further information, visit dnaamps.com.