New Micro Chip Offers Huge Anti-Theft Benefits to Musicians

DNA to use SNAGG technology in all products

Chicago, IL, October 7, 2010 – We’ve all heard the personal horror stories about players losing a favorite instrument, or having their entire stage rig stolen and their lives totally disrupted. For owners of one company’s products, the danger of gear loss will be lowered significantly.

David Nordschow Amplification, LLC (DNA) announced that it will incorporate anti-theft technology into every product it builds. Partnering with Snagg Technology, DNA is the first bass amplification company to offer RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology as a standard feature.

“Theft is a serious concern for players of every level,” said David Nordschow, founder, CEO and Chief Engineer, “even for those who don’t take their gear out of the home. With the Snagg chip installed, the chances for recovery are dramatically improved.” Additionally, insurance rates for RFID equipment are much lower than for non-equipped gear.

According to current statistics, the chances of recovery for non-equipped gear is a dismal 0.03%. For RFID chip-equipped products, the rate increases to over 35% – a 1200% improvement! One study shows an incredible 48% recovery rate.

The RFID chips will appear in DNA’s just-released DNS series speaker cabinets. The chips will be very difficult to remove without seriously damaging the cabinets.

Other advantages to the chip are the secure, unalterable positive ID of a unit (transferable upon sale) and the prevention of piracy or knock-offs.

“Once you really think about it,” Nordschow said, “it’s a very reasonable customer-centered thing do. The new chip adds some cost to a cabinet to be sure; but it really provides a tremendous improvement in value-added content for the owner. This technology makes the product far less attractive to potential thieves, and far more likely to be recovered if it is lost or stolen.

The Snagg chips have been installed in variety of instruments, from top of the line custom guitars to very expensive violins and other extremely valuable symphonic instruments. Some manufacturers have offered it as an option at additional cost.

“David Nordschow Amplification is the first company to install our chips in every product they manufacture,” said Don Baskin of Snagg, technologies “making them an industry leader yet again. We’re proud to work with them to help reduce the problem of musical equipment theft.”

David Nordschow Amplification, LLC (DNA) is the next step in the long, successful career of one of the industry’s most highly-regarded designers. The company offers leading edge products for the serious bass guitarist, and backs them with truly uncompromising service standards to offer the ultimate customer experience. For further information, visit