The New Era Begins

Greetings, everyone, and welcome to the new site! Give all the credit to Spydah – AKA Roger Barlow – as he is the one who did all the back end work to make this happen. Roger and I have been working on this for several months, and he has been exceedingly patient with me as I requested numerous changes and modifications, and nit picked all the silly little details.

The great thing is that we were able to launch the new design just as the cabinets are shipping to dealers. Yes, they are real. Yes, they are available. Yes, you need one. Or two.!

Lane on Bass in concert

Lane in concert with Ryan Pelton and the Difference

Now, I know that because I am an obvious fanatic about David’s work that some read (or watch) what I have to say about the new DNS series cabinets and take it all with a grain of salt. But it’s not just me. Everyone who has heard the cabinets loves them. I’ve been using a DNS-210 (8 Ohm) on the road for a couple of months now, touring with Ryan Pelton, one of the world’s top Elvis Tribute Artists. [SIDE NOTE: You can read about my work with Ryan over at my web site on the News Page.] The band loves it, and so do the sound companies. In fact, several of them have asked about purchasing cabinets for their backline (when they supply it). Even when it’s only getting half the wattage it can take, it’s full, deep and LOUD!

Other bass players love them, too. Roy Vogt totally digs the DNS-112N, and he’s getting a pair of them. Sean O’Bryan Smith fell in love with the DNS-210. Sean Harrison (a new Local Liaison that I’ll be getting up on the site soon) is biting his nails as he waits for delivery of his DNS-410. My good friend Alan Wait has heard all of them save the DNS-110 and is having a hard time figuring out which ones he’ll get first. Other bassists who have heard the DNS cab live LOVE it, even when I’m playing through it!

I cordially invite all of you to audition one at a dealer soon. I’m confident you will not be disappointed. I’m telling you, David has really raised the bar again. Yeah, this may all sound too good to be true… but when you hear them for yourselves, I think you’ll agree.


Lane's cabinet of choice, the DNS-210

You may have noticed we have restarted the Players Poll on the Home Page. Please take a minute to enter your answer, OK? Moving forward we will continue to ask questions to help us better understand your needs. We are already working on a full survey to gather even more info. And, no, it’s not all about how much money you make and when you plan to buy our products. We actually want to know which features are most important to you, and which ones are just useless window dressing to you. We’ll use this info to focus on building you the amp of your dreams.

Before closing, I want to thank all who have visited our forums and been a part of our growing family of players. You’ve not only been very patient with us as we developed and produced the cabinets, you’ve also given us a lot of useful information. I’m really looking forward to continuing the conversations, and getting more players involved. So feel free to spread the word far and wide.

David’s Back! And he’s better than ever!!

Until next time, take care. Play a lot. Practice every day. Turn up! And most of all…