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Greetings, everyone. I hope everyone is now dug out from the recent blizzards. We’ve been lucky down in my area, only getting the fringes of the last two storms. David? Not so much. Luckily, David’s used to it, having spent so many years in Iowa and Minnesota.

I’ve been keeping warm with my (not-so-)secret hot chocolate recipe and a space heater in my office. So, let me bring you up to date on everything:

Benefit for Angeline – Many thanks to those who have already made a donation to help sister Angeline Saris with her medical situation. We received another email from her yesterday to bring us up to date:

So the weekend was uh-mazing. The benefit was total mayhem and a great success. We reached maximum capacity 3x throughout the night- it was packed shoulder to shoulder. I had one of my students and her sister sit in, which was super cute (they’re 9 and 11 years old). … I have some video and some great pix for you, which I am working on compiling.

This week, I am taking off for a short 4 day Northwest tour with Jerry Hannan. Just a reminder, he wrote Society for the movie
Into the Wild and also helped me to put together this whole benefit. His site:

I watched the new vid you put up on the dna site…. I’m super excited for the new cabs! Aaaah! They sound really clear on the vid!

Anyhoo- Thanks again Lane for all your help and support. I’ll be in touch…..

Angeline introduces her student, 11 y.o. Katie Phelan, sitting in.

Our First Local Liaison

If you saw the first SEAL Team video, you already know that Jeff Carlson is once again assisting with R&D testing. Today we are proud to announce that Jeff is our first Local Liaison. Jeff has been working with David and Lane for several years, helping with R&D and QC testing, and more. We’re very excited that he will continue in that role. Please join us in congratulating Jeff on his roles as a DNA Local Liaison and SEAL Team member. By the way, Jeff also has the distinction of being the first bass player to every play through a David Nordschow Amplification speaker cabinet. (I was second.) Jeff’s Bio

New Content

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That’s it for today. I have not had time to continue on creating video clips from the footage I shot last Thursday. As you can tell on the first clip, there’s a problem with the sound. It appears that the download process corrupted the file, so I have to find a time when I can shut everything else down on this old box of mine and get a better file. I hope to accomplish that over the weekend at the latest.

See you again soon!