New SEAL Team video

Hi, all y’all. Just a quick note to tell you two things. First, recapturing the video from the camera worked! This time around, there are no annoying clicks and pops, so it’s easier to listen to the audio.

Second, I uploaded another video using the new, cleaner file. Although there’s a lot of playing on this one, remember that you’re hearing the cabinet – the DNS-112N prototype – recorded off axis with the camera’s internal mic… obviously not the best system. But at least you get a taste, as well as our reactions to hearing David’s new designs for the first time.

On Sunday afternoon, I hope to put together a clip of my co-consirator … uhm, testing partner … Jeff Carlson as he thumps on his Dark Star-equipped P-Bass with “very dead strings.” This bass, and Jeff’s style offer a totally different read. We’ll just have to see how the day develops. I will then re-do David’s interview to get rid of the distorted audio, and post the new version.

Hope you enjoy today’s video. See you again soon.

Watch the video.