Second Honeymoon Fever

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that’s just getting started. (With apologies to Greg Lake.) I didn’t mention it last week, bu David and Judy enjoyed a wonderful second honeymoon in Hawaii last week. There are no pictures to prove they were really there, and all I really know is that David was totally unavailable for several days.

So, I’m not certain he was in Hawaii. He could have a new undisclosed location known to no one, even me. He could have been off in some very small foreign country doing weird stuff for guys that don’t talk much and blend into shadows. You just never know. But, pictures or no pictures, the officail story is that they were in Hawaii, and until proven otherwise, I’m sticking with it.

Now, Sean O’Bryan Smith and his blushing bride Jami have a very different honeymoon story. They didn’t wait hoonose how many years for their second getaway. They’re doing it for their anniversary. I’m pretty OK telling you because they’re both tweeting their fingers off, and they’ve even tweeted pictures. Plus Sean left me in charge (sort of) of the whole Low Notes for Nashville thing.

So, last week was interesting, and this week is interesting in a different way. My weekend will be spent mostly driving so my family can meet my bride of almost eighteen months for the first time at my mother’s 80th Birthday party. No pressure there, right?

So, let’s up the ante, then. I modified the lyrics to a song to make them about my mom and the kids, and how we got our love of music – and our talent – from her. (Dad loved music, too, but he couldn’t carry a tune in a dump truck, much less a bucket.) My sisters are performing it with me, some thing we haven’t done in decades. And we get one ten minute rehearsal themorning of the party. Should be fun…

Definitely check out Low Notes For Nashville. There’s a lot going on, and there a lot of ways you can pitch in and be a part of it. The list of players involved is just amazing. We’ll soon be announcing details on a benefit concert for the cause.

Over at the forum, we’ve given the place a name. Not surprising that the poll results showed The Gene Pool to be the clear favorite. We’re now discussing potential member nicknames. We’d love to have you join the conversation.

As for new content, in addition to the Practice Tip of the Week, we posted a short video lesson for beginners. To be honest, I’ve been so busy talking to dealers, endorsers and such that I haven’t had time to add more articles from Roy Vogt and Sean. Plus, they’re both in Nashville dealing with the aftermath of the worst natural disaster they’ve had in at least five hundred years. So they’ve been a bit busy, too.

But things are getting better. And the NAMM show is just around the corner. Summer is shaping up to be pretty nice, I must say. But that’s all I can say. See you in a week.