Bass Players Unite for Nashville Flood Relief

One of the reasons we enjoy our work so much is that bass players are a wonderful community. And we’re proud that many of our endorsers are at the heart of a new effort to assist with Nashville flood relief.

Low Notes For Nashville got its start when Sean O’Bryan Smith tweeted that he was donating all May download profits to flood relief. Within minutes, Lane on Bass followed Sean’s lead. That was last Thursday.

By the end of the day, Roy Vogt and Polo Jones had stepped up, and Sean and Lane were already putting together a much larger effort than expected By the end of Friday, the group had a new web site – thanks to Roger “Spydah” Barlow – our Web UberGeek.

We immediately committed to providing loaner cabinets and whatever other assistance we could. Now, less than a week later, dozens of players have added their support, as have several manufacturers.

Sean O'Bryan Smith & Lane on Bass of Low Notes For Nashville

Sean O'Bryan Smith and Lane on Bass throw down at last summer's Low Show.

Those wishing to help can purchase downloads from several musicians (with more coming on board), make a cash donation through the site, donate extra gear, or attend the huge bass concert the group is now planning.”This is a way I can help my city get back on its feet,” said Sean. “I’ve always been about strengthening the bass community, and about serving others in need. Now I get to both at once.”

Roy Vogt and Polo Jones

Roy Vogt and Polo Jones, brothers supporting Low Notes For Nashville.

“I’m totally with Sean,” Lane said. This is a unique opportunity to combine my charity work and my love for the bass community. It’s been absolutely wonderful to see so many players – all the way up to the greats I’ve learned from over the years – enthusiastically jump on board. Now let’s see just how far we can drive this bus.”We hope you’re as excited as we are, and will join us in our efforts to support the many brother and sister bass players in Nashville in their time of need. Visit Low Notes For Nashville and do what you can to help.With sincere thanks to everyone involved,

The DNA Team