Poll Results, Roy Vogt announces clinic, WATT in the news

Welcome back, everyone! I hope you all had an excellent holiday weekend! I took most of the weekend off, mostly because I just needed the rest! (smile)

The results of our first Players Poll are in. Here’s how you voted:

Carpet came in first at 53%

Epoxy paint earned 37%

No preference came in at 10%

Our second poll has already begun; this time we’re asking which speaker cabinet you prefer. If you haven’t voted, please go back to the home page and vote now!

I’m very excited to announce that Roy Vogt will conduct a clinic in Chicago on Saturday, May 8th. Times are being nailed down, but it will probably start mid-morning and run through at least mid-afternoon. The clinic is being produced by Jauqo III-X, an old friend of Roy’s and mine, and an outstanding bassist. I’ll be there until about 1, when I have to leave to get back home for a gig. More on this as it develops.

And speaking of clinics, Snow Owl will be offering his master class at Berklee next week. If you can find a way to be there, you’ll be glad you made it!

Got an email from brother WATT today, announcing some Stooges dates – a four-pack of shows in France and one in Spain, beginning this Friday. Check out WATT’s Hoot page for more Stooges dates throughout the summer, as well as other WATT performances.

In addition to being the Godfather of Punk Bass, WATT is also a photographer with a new show: Eye Gifts from Pedro. The show features WATT’s favorite shots of his hometown, San Pedro, CA. Read all about in this article.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll see you in a few days with more DNA news.

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