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Greetings from the Deep End, all y’all! I’m in the middle of working on today’s upload, which is going well. However, this just can’t wait:

I’m thrilled to announce that David Garcia is our official Original DNA User (ODU for short)! David just sent me a text informing me that he just put a deposit down on a DNS-410. And since he emailed as I was writing this, here’s the scoop straight from Dave himself:

I just got off the phone with Eddy over at Bass Northwest and put my deposit down on the first DNS410, sight unseen! They’re ready to take orders from anyone and everyone right now.

As always, it was a very good experience dealing with them as they’re knowledgable and put a big emphasis on their customer service. I absolutely cannot wait to receive that cabinet and make some serious noise!

David knows how to make cabs better than anyone so I feel perfectly safe in putting the money down without even seeing one yet. Plus, I wanted to get in there before there’s a huge backorder on them.

To top all that off, I told them to let me know when they can take preorders for the heads, because I want the big one!

I was here first!


Dave Garcia

Oceanside, CA

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines…er, credit cards. Something. Dealers are taking advance orders.

Call an Authorized Dealer for Pricing

Back now at seven in the evening. Spent the afternoon calling and emailing dealers. It’s only fair to let them all know the gate is open. So. Moving on:

Speaking of dealers, please join us in welcoming Corner Music, Nashville, TN, as our newest dealer. David and I have known JD and the rest of the crew for a god long time, and we’re reaaly excited to be working with them again. Learn more here…

Had a great talk with Traa Daniels of P.O.D. yesterday. He’s been back in the states for a few days in between legs of their South American tour. So far, things are going really well, and they’re looking forward to continuing the festivities.

Another great piece of news is that P.O.D. is writing material for a new CD. Traa says everyone is pumped for the project and the songwriting is going really well. More on that as it develops.

Sean O’Bryan Smith had a total blast taping the Kenny Rogers 50th Anniversary Tribute special. And why not? What with all the legendary performers with whom he appeared. I’m hope ful that by next week I’ll be able to tell you more and maybe even show you pictures.

Late last week, I got an update from Angeline Saris. She continues to improve after surgery and hopes to be back playing by the beginning of May. In the meantime she’s keeping herself busy revamping her web site. She asked me to thank everyone for the prayers, good vibes and well wishes. If you sent her an email, she’s been working through a few a day, and promises to answer every one.

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