DNA Artist of the Month

Caleb Mundy

Caleb Mundy

Caleb Mundy is a Nashville bassist and musical director who has been working professionally in Nashville since graduating Belmont University School of Music’s Commercial Music Program in 2006. Caleb has toured nationally and internationally out of Nashville playing with many artists and music theater productions, as well as numerous recording sessions including the recently Grammy-nominated “Girl Going Nowhere” by Ashely McBryde.

Caleb’s been performing quite a bit on Broadway these days, leading his band, and picking up freelance work. Playing original shows and recording with Troy Woods (@iamtroywoods), Jericho Rose (@jerichoroseofficial), Taryn Papa (recently just on The Voice, @tarynpapa), Sheyna Gee (@geeisforgangster) and more sessions than ever, primarily with producer Dr. Ford here in Nashville (@drfordmusic). Caleb has also used his “downtime” to build a home studio to perform remote bass sessions as well.

Caleb’s really looking forward to things continuing to reopen and the possibility of touring again soon! “I’ve been very fortunate this year to be able to use the time off to grow and learn and make new connections, and I am feeling really positive about all the opportunities coming my way… even a little intimidated about the amount of potential work that might be adding up soon”!Caleb Mundy Hat n Beard

Additionally, Caleb’s been growing his entertainment law and artist development work as well working with a lot of great up and coming artists in town. “It’s so fun to get to watch them grow and be a part of helping them be successful. That’s how I approach all my work… on and off the stage”.

“The DNA-800 was the amp I really needed when it came into my life last year… lots of power, low weight, tons of tone shaping, a solid studio-worthy built-in compressor, and an intuitive layout that made sense to me. The amp and the company have been really good to me since day one. Thanks DNA!

Gear: DNA-800