DNA Artist of the Month

Terry Richards

Terry Richards

Long-time DNA endorser Terry Lee Richards II and his band War Hammer have been in Eclipse Studio working with producer Erik Nelson on their 3rd album… looking at an end of Summer 2021 release!

And in even bigger news… Terry let us know that he and his wife and daughter will be moving to Kenya, East Africa to build a rescue center for orphans, widows, and abused women. “I’ve been traveling to Kenya since 2005 after my first mission trip there… and is where I met who would become my wife in 2007… all due to our tour bus breaking down! As musicians we always hope and pray for no break downs… but this one changed my life… forever!”

Terry and his wife’s dream will become a reality at the end of 2021. Travel safely! “Going to introduce Africa to DNA!!” \m/
Our rescue website is imanirescue.org