DNA Artist of the Month

Hubert Eaves IV

Hubert Eaves

Hubert Eaves IV is most known for his deep pocket bass grooves on Erykah Badu’s live record “Baduizm”. As a session musician, Hubert has recorded with the great vocalist Will Downing, keyboardist Alex Bugnon, and many others. Hubert just took GROOVE to another level with “RADIO”… his debut single!

“Never heard my bass sound so good… my DNA rig is a monster… it’s thunderous! I have total confidence I’ll be heard and felt on any stage in a big way. JV, it’s absolutely true, you were right on the money when you said pairing the 1350 with a 115 and 210 would be incredible and all that I need. I can’t wait to hit the stage with this thing! Thanks again bro!”


Hubert Eaves - Radio Hubert Eaves IV