DNA Artist of the Month

Sev Black

Sev Black

I’m proud to be in the DNA family. They give small town musicians like me a fighting chance with their durable, versatile and affordable gear. The DNA-1350 is an effortless platform for the total professional bass playing experience. I personally have used my gear in every setting a bass player can… except I guess kayaking and skydiving… I leave that for the real professionals. I’ve recorded two records with two different bands this year and used two different methods. In one setting I used my DNS112 and the DNS210 cabs with microphones and the D.I. In the second I used just the head and D.I. I was truly amazed how great the sound was without any ‘studio Magic’“.

“Both engineers loved working with the amp and found it easy to tweak tones and adjust compression between songs. I personally love a pedal driven sound and the DNA-1350 makes it so easy. The amp works very well with all styles of basses. A lot of times amps will “play“ better for certain basses. Like a P-bass might sound better than a jazz bass through certain amps. Not in this case at all. The compression and shape capabilities make you want to explore all bass configurations… but at the same time making you fall back in love with your old standards. I use a P-bass configuration along side a custom Big Muff variation, bass octave, sansamp D.I. Clone, echoplex preamp, protovibe, bass flange, Hot Tubes clone and a sonic Muffin in my chain and have little to no feedback… unless I want it! I love this gear”! ~~ 7


Plastique “Deathwatch Days” Downerkid Productions. Sept. 2020.
Headlight Rivals “Mattson” Blacksite Records Nov. 2019

What’s next for Seven and his mates?
Headlight Rivals have a new record coming out next year. We recorded 12 songs with Joel Nanos at element studio in Kansas City in February and covid made us take a break from it. We will be back at it as soon as possible. We will be giving this record, and all the funds raised from it, to our local Special Olympics organization for future programs. Featured are three new songs by Headlight Rivals and the rest are covers that we love and have had an impact on us musically.

Special Olympics are very near and dear to our hearts and we love to do anything that will benefit the local community. We do a lot of benefits for them here in the Midwest and it’s an honor to continue supporting them. Headlight Rivals also have recorded a new song that will be released on a benefit compilation before the end of the year. Other local Manhattan Kansas area musicians will be helping to raise funds for Auntie Maes parlor (a local musical/watering hole hit hard by covid 19, as well). The release date is undetermined at the moment. We continue to expand our catalog of music during this rough time. It’s really all we can do responsibly and safely. Music is not a hobby for us and we want to return to it in a live setting as soon as it’s safe for everyone. Now we venture into live streaming and Neo-video Age… and DNA is definitely equipped to make this a less painful transition. Hope to be out performing for our fans very soon!