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Jeremy Wales with DNA Rig

Jeremy “Jerms” Wales

Jeremy “Jerms” Wales

Jeremy “Jerms” Wales has been playing bass for a little over 21 years. Based in Spokane, Washington, born in Ft. Polk, Louisiana… he’s performed in a wide variety of projects/bands throughout the years and in many styles including Jazz, Deathcore, Hip hop, progressive rock, and funk. Jerms is actively playing bass in two bands currently.

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Upcoming Shows:
October 29, Jackson Street Bar & Grill, Spokane Washington
November 11, Big Dipper, Spokane Washington
December 4, Jackson Street Bar & Grill, Spokane Washington


Jerms has also been pursuing a solo career utilizing 7-string basses and fretless basses in conjunction with a looping station in a meditative/kinetic aspect of written compositions.

Upcoming Solo Performances:
October 7th (Spokane Valley Art Auction/Gallery)

“Whether I’m live on stage or in any studio setting… this amplifier setup absolutely DELIVERS!! It has really helped me grow as a musician. I can hear more
of MY sound, of my musical expression while experiencing the natural beauty of my instruments. Hats off to DNA!!”


Check out Jermey’s socials:
Facebook – facebook.com/jermsbass
Instagram @jermsbass
YouTube – youtube.com/channel/UCxch15ej9dD-oeDe1Hc6kZA