Power Handling: 1400 W RMS - 2800 W Peak

Impedance: 4/8 Ω

Sensitivity: 106dB @2.83V/1M

SPL: 137 dB SPL max

Frequency Response: 37Hz to 14KHz

Size: 33" x 23.75 "x 16"

Weight: 79lb

Coverage Pattern: 60 degree

Tuning: Flaired Shelf port 52Hz


The DNS-410 is the loudest, clearest and most powerful sounding speaker cabinet we offer. Four ultra-high power, custom designed 10-inch speakers enable the DNS-410 to stand up to a whopping 1400W RMS to 2800W of peak power! This is the best sounding and best performing 410 in the bass market today. We have redesigned and reengineered the way the speaker and tuning port systems work to give you better output efficiency and while providing low distortion and port noise at very high performance sound levels. The unique tuning system with its matched driver design results in low notes being reinforced at their true fundamental frequencies rather than being doubled like many poorer quality bass systems do. When other speaker systems run out of gas and start to distort, the DNS-410 just keeps on cranking. New design technology delivers chest pounding sound levels while maintaining the very best musicality and overall bass tone quality. The DNS-410 performs flawlessly at every level of performance. The unit is so clean and balanced you can clearly listen to every note and nuance of a complex jazz chord at very low or very high power levels. A custom designed crossover and new low distortion neodymium compression tweeter will impress you with clean smooth upper mid to high range. Detachable tour quality casters are available this unit and on most other models. If you need to fill a big stage or outdoor venue, this system will get it done. Available in 4 or 8 Ohms.

Well my new DNA DNS410 got its first live workout today at an outdoor gig and this cab did not let me down! The tone was simply outstanding whilst the broad spectrum of frequencies it handled was awesome! All my highs just sparkled whilst throwing some overdriven low B at it, it handled it superbly and growled like a tiger! The overall power made this cab seem enormous! At no time during this show was I missing my usual 810 set-up. I was hearing everything nicely being driven by my Eden WT1205 amp. Can bass amplification get any more perfect than this? I guess we’ll see when the DNA 1350 amplifier comes out.

~~ Grant Johnson