More Testing Soon, Sean survives NYC, Thunder Row, new content, last minute call

Hoo boy, what a week it’s been. I apologize for not getting a small update done over the weekend, but I had a minor emergency to deal with. Everything’s cool now, but it took up most of my time.

Much of my time has focused on helping Roy Vogt and the folks at Teach Me Bass Guitar prepare Thunder Row for launch. Thunder Row is a community created for those who want to learn, and connect with other aspiring learners. And while there are some special sections just for TMBG students (like a chat room and a private sub-forum), most of the site is available to anyone.

In order to begin the library of articles, lessons and videos, I’ve been preparing a lot of Roy’s existing content for upload. Moving forward we’ll will be writing new content, including each of us maintaining a blog, and creating some lessons videos. We’re also reaching out to other pro bassists and teachers, and all members can submit content for consideration.

Keep your fingers crossed, and I’ll announce here when we open.

Had a nice 2-cup chat with Sean O’Bryan Smith today. He’s back in Nashville, having survived New York. In fact, he had an extremely productive time, with several successful meetings and a last-minute studio date that was really cool but we can’t tell you until the track drops. It’s always that way with Sean. I never know if I’m talking to a fellow bass player or some doubleOwhatever types.

Sean also did what everyone should do when in The City: have as much pizza as possible, and at least one really good deli run, and a slice of cheesecake.

I saved the best news for last – We’re testing all of the 10″ cabinets this coming Saturday. OhboyOhboyOhboy! Get ready for another video or two, and a lot more fun! (Check out our last test.)

The line includes 110, 210 and 410 designs. David has already done significant testing on all three and made several refinements. I can’t tell you much yet, but I’ll leak one thing now and beg forgiveness later:

At full rated power, the 410 easily and significantly passes the Threshold of Sensibility. We’re talking louder than a pneumatic riveter, and almost as loud as a jet engine! Check out this chart to get idea of what I’m talking about. It’s OK. I’ll wait.

You want to know what scares me? It took almost no time at all to think, “man, I’d love to have a pair of those babies!”

So… think I’m excited about Saturday’s test? Ohhhhhh, yeahhh. Just got off the phone with Jeff Carlson, who’s been testing with us for several years. He’ in, and he’s bringing three basses with him.

New Content:

Tip of the week: Keep Your Mind Open

Article: Preparing for an audition

That’s it for this time around. Make sure you keep an eye on our Twitter stream on Saturday, as I’ll be blasting updates. See you then!

P.S. – Literally just got off the phone with Angeline Saris. She’s in preplanning stage for an update to her web site and had a some ideas to discuss. Also gave me a really good tip on a Bay area dealer. I’ll be calling him tomorrow. – LB