Sean heads for NYC, Traa heads for rehearsal, new content

I’ve been keeping in touch with Sean O’Bryan Smith lately because of a few projects. We wanted to get a thing or two tied up before he heads up to the Big Apple for a lightning round of meetings, a recording session and hopefully some great cheesecake! He said to tell everyone HI! and asks that you all keep your fingers crossed!

Traa Daniels checked in today. He as in the studio this morning, and was heading to rehearsal, so we got a few minutes to catch up. He’s been keeping himself busy with studio dates and one-offs with P.O.D., and says life is good!

We spent most of the call talking about the new cabinets, which he’ll ge to hear live shortly. He’s really excited about them, and has been very involved in the design from the very beginning.

New Content:

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So, there you have it. I’ll probably have a bit more before the weekend, or Saturday at the latest. See you then!