Where Has the Time Gone?

Greetings, all you Low Enders! I hope this post finds you all doing great, playing a TON, and enjoying the holiday season. I know it’s been a long while since we’ve added anything to this section, but we’ve been extremely busy. Today I finally had a few minutes to get over here and drop a few words. So here they are!

A few weeks back, David did a Meet and Greet at Music Garage, one of our newest dealers. The verdict was unanimous: the DNS series cabinets sounded awesome! Some of the biggest names in the Chicago area dropped by to check out the entire line and were seriously impressed. In fact, even though some of them did their absolute best to get the cabinets to break up and misbehave, they were unable to get any of them to sound bad! Even the small but mighty DNS-110 reproduced low Bs with applomb.

Last weekend, we had two of our SEAL Team members test the new power amp module. You’ll be able to read their reports here soon. For now, suffice to say that the module outperformed even David’s own expectations, and we’re moving to the next step in development.

Speaking of development, we’re having a conversation over on the forum about compression. If you’d like to weigh in with your opinion, please do visit the forum and join the conversation.

So… that’s the quick rundown. I’m off to visit the forum myself and catch up on my reading and posting. Until next time, don’t forget to practice every day (at least 15 minutes) and enjoy life!  And, as always,

Keep Thumpin’!

Lane on Bass