Welcome to a new era

Greetings and welcome to David Nordschow Amplification’s new web site! We hope you’re as excited as we are! We’ve been itching to launch this site – and this company – for some time.

We could have waited several more months to launch the site, but we thought it would be fun to let you be a part of our true start up. In fact, we want to ask you questions – lots of questions – so we can use that information to do our job better for you.

We will be continually updating this site, as well as our social sites: Twitter (where you’ll get instant updates), You Tube, My Space and Facebook. You’ll also soon see new features – company and artists blogs, S.E.A.L. Team reports, and an entire Community section featuring a forum and more.

We have two goals: to provide you with the ultimate bass amplifier so you can achieve your Perfect Bass Tone, and to provide you with the finest service available, before, during, and after, the sale so you can have Peace of Mind. We hope you will help us achieve both by letting us know what you want and need, not just in a bass amp, but in the company that builds them for you.

We’ve got to admit, we’re really looking forward to the New Year! And we hope you are, too. May 2010 be a wonderful year for you and your family. May all your gigs be great! And may your bass never need tuning! (Well, we can hope, right?)

All the best!

The D.N.A. Team