Site Updates: New Artist, Benefit for Angeline, and more

Maurice Fitzgerald joins the family
Today we welcome our old friend Maurice Fitzgerald to our Endorser Family, and we’re thrilled to have him with us. Check out his bio here.

Benefit for Angeline Saris
We have a member of the family in need of a little help. Angeline Saris has incurred large medical bills due to a blood clot in her arm. To help, friends have set up a benefit concert and are also accepting online donations to help defray these expenses. Read More…

Sean O’Bryan Smith tops chart with Anna Wilson single
We’re thrilled to tell you that brother Sean O’Bryan Smith is back in the charts – this time on Anna Wilsons recently released single, You Don’t Know Me, from her upcoming CD, Countrypolitan Duets. The song features Matt Giraud of American Idol fame, and of course, Sean on bass guitar.

The single debuted at #1 with a bullet on iTunes Jazz chart – in both the US and Canada – and is poised to be there for a while. We’ve been hearing all kinds of wonderful things about the CD. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you, or Sean would kill us all for leaking too soon. However, we can tell you that the CD is awesome, and includes some stellar guest appearances.

Download Anna Wilson’s single, You Don’t Know Me at the iTunes store.

Check out Sean’s bio here.

New lessons this week include:

Practicing Perfectly – knowing how memory works will help you get more out of your practice time. Read…

Beginning Bass: Left Hand Dexterity – Professor Roy is back with more exercises to help improve your left hand. Read…

Practice Tip of the WeekRead…

Many thanks to those who have sent emails over the past week. Some have simply been greetings and congratulations – and we appreciate every one. Others have kindly pointed out misspellings and the like, and have offered additions to our glossary. It always helps to have extra eyes and we appreciate the time you took to help us out.