Sean and Roy say HI!, new content

We caught up with Sean O’Bryan Smith this morning for a call and a cup. Sean’s been very busy lately as he works toward the release of his second CD. Next week, he travels to New York for a packed schedule of meetings. He’s also actively booking tour dates for the summer and fall seasons. This is all on top of his work with Anna Wilson as she looks forward to the release of her new CD. Sean shares our love of coffee, mostly for the caffeine, and now you can see why. We’ll continue to update as more info becomes available.

Professor Roy also touched base, or bass, if you must. Roy’s been keeping extremely busy lately, what with classes at Belmont, private students, and a packed schedule of studio and live dates. In addition to all of that, he’s putting the final touches on Thunder Row, the community site for learning bassists of all levels. Roy and I will both be maintaining blogs over there, with a strong focus on learning and playing bass. We’ll also be posting lessons and other articles, many of them from the BASS U. library, as well as videos.

Speaking of videos, Roy recently completed a series of free bass tips that you can sign up for over at Teach Me Bass Guitar. Once you confirm your registration, you’ll get seven free video tips from Roy. We’re already talking about doing a lot more, so if you have any suggestions or ideas, please send me an email.

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That’s it for today. Before I go, though, I want to again thank all who have emailed. I make sure David sees every message, and we both appreciate all the well-wishes!