Prayers for Nashville, Updates to Site

As you may already know, this has not been a good week for Nashville and the surrounding area. The Cumberland River not only flooded, but rose higher than it has in more than one hundred years. Some are saying it’s the highest the river has ever been.

The last report we received said that, while official flood level for the Cumberland is 22 feet, the river crested at 2-1/2 times that level – an incredible 57 feet! According to some reports, downtown Nashville was under ten feet of water at one point. This has been devastating, to say the least.

We’ve made every attempt to reach our many friends and supporters in the area. We haven’t reached all of them yet, but so far, everyone seems to be safe. We’re very sorry to report that David and Barbara Crossman, owners of The Learning Dock, LLC, publishers of Roy Vogt’s Teach Me Bass Guitar, were forced out of their home and probably can’t go back. Thankfully, they got all of their belongings out, and the home was a rental. They also have close fmaily in the area, so they have a place to stay while they look for new digs.

Corner Music suffered mionor flooding; luckily, they were able to move verything off the floor before the water arrived. As of last report, JD and the crew had everything back together and were going strong.

Obviously, we’re sending all the positive thoughts, prayers and good energy we can muster, and we hope you will do the same. If you’d like to do something more concrete, our friends Bryan Beller and Kira Small sent this link around for those wishing to donate to the flood relief:

Donate to Tennessee Flood Relief

In other news, David has authorized the declassification of a trio of photos of the prototype cabinets. While at an undisclosed location, he is combing through other photos and we may declassify more shots soon. View the pictures on our Cabinets page.

We also updated the Videos section, grouping videos according to type: Field Tests, interviews with David Hisownself, and endorser clips.

The SEAL Team page now has links to all Field Reports.

One last thing to mention – our Forum is going strong, and it’s been great to see so many old friends join in the fun. Right now, we’re running a poll to determine our own nickname for the forum. So if you join now, you’ll have a say.

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