First Players Poll launched

We are thrilled to launch our first Player’s Poll today. Many thanks to our good friend Spydah – aka Roger Barlow to “civilians” – for doing such a great job assisting us with the code! (May his strings never rust!)

All kidding aside, David and I have long wanted to do this. David had his first team of field test bassists two decades ago. I know many of the players who took part in those tests back in the beginning – and the many tests since. Back the Dark Ages, when we built our first forum, we asked a lot of questions; we gathered a ton of useful info, but were unable to act on the bulk of it.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on us since we launched, you already know we’ve been talking to a lot of our endorser family. We’ve also been talking to a few other select people who can keep thier mouths shut. But we wanted to take the next Giant Step and talk to all of you directly. We want to know what you think.

While polling and meaningful surveys weren’t possible in our “past life.” they are now. The only thing holding us back was me, or rather, the fact that I don’t do much pure code. Enter Spydah, whom I’ve known for quite a while, both through our mutual respect for David, and our mutual love of Spector basses.

See, Spydah does do code, and he’s the one who built the poll. He’s also going to teach me how to manage them so we can do more of them. Everybody shout out a huge Thank You!! for Spydah…

We’ve got more things in store, so keep an eye peeled and check back often. And, please, if you haven’t already done so, go back to the Home Page and VOTE! Your future may depend on it.