Field Testing, WATT hates volcanoes

Hi, everyone! I hope you’re having a good week. I’ve been runing non-stop since Friday. The weekend was filled with personal stuff – going to see a band Glenda and I both love, then joining the guitarist and his wife for a big get together at their place to celebrate the bassist’s Birthday. Sunday was the April dinner in the Danville Foodstock series. So by the time I hit Monday, I was in full swing.

As everyone on the forum already knows, I made a stealth trip up to ChicagoLand to pick up several prototype cabinets. It was a quick up and down run, with barely enough time to hang out with David. Yesterday and today I worked on coordinating with several endorsers, and finding a room for us all to use.

Tomorrow, I’m up at 5:00 in the Geez It’s Early. We’ll see if James, my Young Gun drummer actually wakes up so he can ride with me. I’ll hook up with JD and the crew at Corner Music first, then grab lunch with Marc Williams, who may well be our first new member of the family. Then I have some time to kill before meeting up with Abe White, Roy Vogt, and Sean O’Bryan Smith to beat on some cabinets.

Once we complete the test, I”m hopping right back in the van with about eight ounces of straight espresso and heading home. I really a full day at the desk Friday, because I”m tied up for most of Saturday with a last minute fill-in gig for Doc Ashton & the Root Canals.

Doc runs the hottest Jazz band in the area. The bassist for this pair of clinics and a concert had to bail at the last minute, and I got the call. So I’m going to find out how rusty my Real Book chops are. As many of you know, Lane don’t do much Jazz. And if the changes aren’t on paper, you can skip the bridge and I’ll see you at the end.

In other news, I got a short email from brother WATT. Seems he got stranded along with the rest of Europe thanks to an upset volcano. IF I understand correctly, the entire Iggy Pop and the Stooges band and crew was stuck.

Y’all… can you just imagine Iggy after several days stuck where he doesn’t want to be? Hopefully, byt he time you read this, WATT will be on his way home to sunny San Pedro. It’s an even bet whether he ever leaves again.

I’ve really got to cut this short and get some sleep. I’ll have a good report on Friday, as well as more updates to the site, including this week’s practice tip.