Paul Burnette

Paul Burnette

Paul Burnette

I bought my first bass (Gibson Grabber) from an ad in the local Trading Post for $100. It had a broken neck but I bought it anyway. At my first bass lesson my instructor sent me home when I pulled it out of the gigbag. The only thing holding the headstock on was the truss rod. I’m sure he thought I was an idiot. One of the reasons I loved bass was that there seemed to be so much uncharted territory. Everyone wanted to learn guitar and players were expanding on what you could do on guitar. No one cared about the bass. To do so much with less strings was an exciting challenge to me. With time and experience I have become an incredibly solid bass player keeping in mind what is best for the song while choosing my moments to elaborate. Bass players are a humble breed. 🙂

Some of my biggest influences, then and now, have to be Geezer Butler, Jack Bruce, and fellow DNA artist and punk pioneer/legend Mike Watt. I love ‘discovering’ other bass players, and I continue to be influenced by others’ contributions to the craft.

I’ve been using gear masterminded by David Nordschow for 20 years in over 30 countries touring with heavy metal stalwart Darkest Hour. I played on 5 albums with DH and I was a founding member with crossover thrash madmen Iron Reagan, playing on the 1st album. Nowadays I am singing and playing bass with the heavy-nasty power trio Hewolf.

I’ve played through so many amps over the years. Some of those you could probably guess the names, others I can’t remember the names, and one that I’m trying to forget the name!

When I first plugged in my DNA amp I set the controls flat. I powered it up and was washed over with a feeling of ‘where have you been all my life!?’ The front panel is a set of well-arranged sensible controls. The EQ executes a seamless blending of tones from one knob to the next. The EQ is not overdone like some; it’s perfect. There is a well defined realism to the tone so that any shade of bass is attainable. I use my DNA-1350 paired with a Sans amp overdrive to add a little bit of contaminant.

“Do not be fooled by the size or weight. This DNA amp is a sturdy juggernaut with remorseless volume. At 1350 watts this DNA amp really stirs up the worms! This rig moves air and permeates the skulls of those nearby. I finally love carrying my own gear! This DNA amp is a 7 lb. treasure! I’ve never been this excited about a bass amp! Everything from tone to tote-ability… I’m truly humbled to be part of the DNA family, and it’s an absolute honor to stand beside my DNA amp onstage!”

New Hewolf Video (July, 2019)!