Kyle Westrick

Kyle comes from an interesting musical background. Mom listened to the likes of John Denver, dad listened to Jimi Hendrix. Both parents were very musical and made music a large part of his childhood. He became hooked on bass and started playing in the orchestra at age 11. Soon after, his first electric bass and amp made their debut. Kyle’s influences range from Meshell N’degeocello and Jaco, to Geddy and Entwhistle. From The Roots to The Byrds with a side of Robert Glasper and Neil Young. Lately he’s especially enjoyed Stephen Brunner’s work (aka Thundercat).

Kyle performs with several great groups, most notably with Rich Mattson and the Northstars. This past year has been very busy with the release of 2 albums (Star Maps and Aeroplane Mode). He also plays bluegrass with Green River Outfit and Washboard Road, reggae with Gone Already, and rock with Crazy Neighbors. Says Westrick, “Just when I get comfortable playing bluegrass, it’s time for a rock show or a reggae gig. I think playing different styles keeps my ideas fresh, and adds some taste that otherwise might be missed”.

Kyle WestrickAbout his DNA gear Kyle says… “My DNA 800 and DNS 112 cabs have changed the way I hear myself. I play a hollow body bass and can’t believe the full low end coming from a twelve inch speaker. Its expansive and fills the room with loads of headroom to spare. I’m able to dial in tones ranging from vintage growl, perfect upright tone, and funk with slap (love the compression controls too!). Sound this big can’t possibly come from cabs this small!”.