Kenny Polidan

Kenny Polidan - DNA800

Kenny Polidan

Nashville bassist, Kenny Polidan, currently uses our DNA-800. Despite the pandemic, he’s been consistently gigging on Broadway in downtown Nashville with several artists and bands. During this time Kenny’s also assembled a home studio to create original bass driven music for video games and TV. The original music is currently in the creative process with no set release date. In other news, Kenny’s been long awaiting a custom Travis Bean Designs fretless instrument to add more to his musical color palette.

You can catch Kenny performing downtown on Broadway in Nashville, TN at Nudies Honky Tonk every Friday and Sunday from 3-7 PM, and will also be playing at Redneck Riviera on Friday and Saturday’s from 8:45-CLOSE. If you’re in or visiting Nashville go check him out!

Kenny has also been touring with Still Remains (Grand Rapids, MI metalcore group) and has been lucky enough to travel to Mexico and 10 different cities in the U.K. as well as several U.S tours. No shows or tours are booked presently because of Covid, but future dates TBA! He’ll also be doing a short tour this spring April 29-May 2 with country artist Isaac Harris in Mullen, Nebraska at Dismal River.

“Having fun and bringing positive energy is infectious, so when it’s showtime I always make sure to flip the party switch no matter how I might be feeling that moment… and my DNA amp is as much a part of me… as well, my… DNA!!”

“I really dig my DNA-800 because it’s featherweight, quick, solid, simple and musical with any cabinet, all while packing enough power and great tones for every venue I’ve played. It also has a great built-in compressor and sounds nice and fat in the studio. The EQ is simple and intuitive and the SHAPE knob gives you all the “colors” you could ask for. If you want thumpy old school mid range or aggressive highs and lows, as well as everything in between, it’s all in this amp! I love this amp!!”

Gear: DNA-800

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