Joseph Adams

Joseph Adams

Joseph Adams

Joe’s been playing bass for 8 years and has tried many different types of bass amps. A buddy let him play the DNA-800 head and he immediately fell in love with the tone! Joe is co-founder of both Murdersome(thrash) and M.S.D.(grind) and played in Appalling(black/death).

After juggling Murdersome and M.S.D. for a couple of years, Joe parted ways with both bands and dedicated himself to Appalling. The band toured and recorded ‘Inverted Realm’ and the recent Appalling/Hoboknife split. A move to Washington, D.C. was next and due to distance and musical differences with Appalling, it was time to part ways once again. Joe’s primary focus now is his new band Disrotter(death metal), where he also holds down the vocal duties.

“I am very excited to show everyone what we’ve been writing. In my short musical career I’ve had the opportunity to tour all over the East coast. I would love to expand that and look forward to using my new DNA head in the process! Thanks for this opportunity to showcase my work… and thank you for helping me find the perfect assault weapon/amp for my chaotic music”!

Gear: DNA-1350

Joseph Adams

Joseph Adams

Co-founder murdersome “thrash metal” 2016-2019

On Lost Apparitions records

M.S.D “Millennial Snowflakes of Death” ”Grind/crust” 2017-2019

On Horror Pain Gore Death

Appalling “Black metal/death “2018-2019”

On redefining darkness records

Disrotters first demo is available on Unholy dominion records “Europe” September 2020
Sewer rot records “U.S.A LA” July 2020

Unholy dominion records