Dave Young Cadderly

David Cadderly

David Cadderly

David resides in the northern suburbs of Chicago. For the past decade he has been holding down the low-end with the Mississippi Stranglers, a sonic Americana band based out of McHenry, IL. He is currently busy with two additional projects: Kind of Dead, a Grateful Dead tribute band out of Spring Grove, IL and the Behan Sessions project which is focused on original music and improvisation drawing from Americana, rock, and jazz influences.

“I have traditionally used vintage gear over the years and was eager to switch to a more modern setup. I was sold on the simplicity and the power that DNA offers. It takes little effort to dial in my tone with the shaping feature DNA provides. The DNA-800 responds well to both my active and passive basses and really delivers great tone in the lower registers. John Vitale has been great to work with. I am excited to build on that relationship in the years to come.”

Other Projects: Soul Sound Unbound, Solid-Aire, Coast, Mississippi Stranglers, Kind of Dead, Behan Sessions