RFID Micro Chip In Every DNA Product

We’ve all heard the personal horror stories about players losing a favorite instrument, or having their entire stage rig stolen and their lives totally disrupted. That’s why we protect all of our products with RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) Micro Chips.

Every product we make includes an RFID chip for easy recovery.

According to current statistics, the chances of recovery for non-equipped gear is a dismal 0.03%. For RFID chip-equipped products, the rate increases to over 35% – a 1200% improvement! One study shows an incredible 48% recovery rate. Other advantages to the chip are the secure, unalterable positive ID of a unit (transferable upon sale) and the prevention of piracy or knock-offs.

What this all means for you is that your DNA unit is far less attractive to thieves, and much easier to recover if stolen. All you have to do is register your RFID equipped with a public RFID database unit upon purchase.

As far as we know, we are the first company to offer this feature as standard on every product we produce. It’s just one more way we’re doing our best to look after your best interests. We hope you agree that it’s worth a few extra dollars to increase your chances of recovery of lost or stolen gear by several orders of magnitude.



Recovery rates of musical instruments not protected by RFID chips are reported by law enforcement at 0.03%. Statistics reported by RFID database web sites show an average recovery rate greater that 35%, or almost 1,200 times more! Since law enforcement officers are overworked they welcome and appreciate the RFID microchip systems since they make the recovery process easier. Prior to RFID technology, recovery of lost or stolen instruments was virtually impossible.