Ace’s Italy, update on Snow Owl’s release, Angeline says Thank You! and more…

Today we’ve got a lot to cover, so grab your coffee and let’s get started!

Benefit for Angeline – We got a very nice email from sister Angeline Saris for announcing the benefit concert to help with her massive medical bills. The concert is this Saturday, so if you’re in the Bay Area, make sure you stop in and say HI! Read the article here, and please chip in if you can help.

The Italian Job – Brother Ace Livingston finally had time to download his camera and send us photos of his trip to Italy last December. Check them out here.

Update on Snow Owl’s CD – To update our announcement of Snow Owl’s new CD, Art of Contrabass Guitar, Here are some quotes from a recent review (translated from German):

After his debut album “Snow Owl” his second CD has now appeared, and it completely surpasses its predecessor. Juan Garcia-Herreros is one of those who can tell whole stories on the electric bass guitar. This takes more than just technique, this demands also life experience and a broad horizon. Juan Garcia-Herreros possesses both in abundance. His compositions are more than just notes put next to one another, he establishes melodies, he establishes songs and he establishes states. He is assisted with this creation -among others- by Lew Soloff, Klaus Dickbauer and Pete Nater. If there exists a heir of Jaco Pastorius, Juan Garcia-Herreros could be it.

– Alfred Krondraf (Concerto Magazine)

Huge congratulations to Snow Owl, and our best wishes for strong sales!

New Content – New on the site today are the following:

Tip of the Week: Stay Focused

Article: So You Play Bass – Now What?

Article: Creating the Ultimate Gig Bag

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