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David Nordschow is one of the foremost authorities on bass speaker design. For decades, his designs have set the world standard for those who demand uncompromising sound and durability for stage and studio use. DNA bass speaker cabinets have once again raised the bar against which all other speakers will be judged.

DNA bass drivers feature massive, high-powered voice coils, a new cone material and many other improvements that offer sound quality superior to any previous designs. (They are even better to David’s previous speakers!) The DNA full 2-way crossover is a significant improvement over the more common high-pass filters most companies use.  Cabinets are made of ultralight, void-free plywood, and feature massive bracing for immaculate sound under extreme conditions.

If you’re serious about your sound, you need DNA cabinets behind you.

Features Common to DNS Series Cabinets

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DNS Series Speaker Cabinets


The Flag Ship of the DNS series, the DNS-410 is
for those who want to blow away anything in their path. Our custom DNL10XT speakers feature high-power voice coils that allow this system to stand up to a whopping 1400W RMS – 2800W Peak! Coupled with our DNT14N neodymium compression tweeter using a full 2-way crossover, the DNS-410 offers detailed mids and highs equal to the devastating bottom this unit produces. If you need to have the baddest rig on the block, you need the DNS-410. Or two.

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Here’s the Little Brother to the DNS-410. It offers the same great tone in a smaller, lighter package. This system is for those who want tight, focused bottom that will fill the room, but don’t need to cover an arena stage. It also mates very well with our DNS-115N for those who want the best of both worlds: fast reacting 10s and the full bottom of a 15.

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If you need a small, very compact system that gives you all the performance of a big box, this is it. Like the rest of the DNA line, the DNS-110 features a deep and solid B string response, great tone body, and superb overall acoustic balance. No longer must you compromise on tone quality or overall performance to carry around a small, lightweight system. This little box will really deliver down deep when you need it most.

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Now for something completely different: a compact, lightweight 15” speaker system that sounds like a 12” on steroids. The DNS-115N has all the bottom end you expect from a 15, but never sounds tubby. This system will maintain its punch and clarity at every level of performance. This lightweight performer features a dual flared port system to deliver tight, deep bass, coupled with our full 2-way crossover to offer detailed mid-range unlike any other 15” 2-way system you’ve ever heard.

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The DNS-112N is the foundation of the new DNA Ultimate Bass Tone concept. It has also been the #1 favorite with players who have auditioned the DNS cabinet series. The DNS-112N has a superb overall tone quality and an expressive response that has to be played to be appreciated. The seamless interaction between our stunning new neodymium DNL312LX high-power 12” speaker and our DNT14N Neodymium compression tweeter provides the warm, smooth wide-range response this unit is known for.

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If you’re a 1×12 fan, but want a very compact, full-range set up that can really deliver, the DNS-112N/Micro will give you both a great focused low end, and a sharp, punchy mid-range. This baby cuts through the drums with precision and clarity, but always stays smooth and balanced . Only 11” deep, this compact power house will fit into tight places and deliver a big sound on stage. The super light-weight DNS-112N/Micro features a custom 3” voice coil neodymium woofer (DNL312HX) and our DN14N Neodymium Tweeter.

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