First SEAL Team report

Greetings, everyone. Lane (aka Agent L) here with the first (of many!) SEAL Team reports. The short version comes down to this: Hoo-boy!

As I tweeted earlier today, some things really are worth the wait. It’s one thing to “know” David would outdo himself yet again. It’s quite another to actually hear the results. And I’m here to tell you, the results more than met my expectations.

I’ve posted my report, as well as Agent J’s report – without redaction – along with a couple of pictures. I’ll be working through the weekend on the video footage I shot… cutting it down into small bites. And also editing out the things we can’t release to the public quite yet. (See there are some things we don’t want our competitors to know just yet.)

Read the full report here.

Ace’s Italy, update on Snow Owl’s release, Angeline says Thank You! and more…

Today we’ve got a lot to cover, so grab your coffee and let’s get started!

Benefit for Angeline – We got a very nice email from sister Angeline Saris for announcing the benefit concert to help with her massive medical bills. The concert is this Saturday, so if you’re in the Bay Area, make sure you stop in and say HI! Read the article here, and please chip in if you can help.

The Italian Job – Brother Ace Livingston finally had time to download his camera and send us photos of his trip to Italy last December. Check them out here.

Update on Snow Owl’s CD – To update our announcement of Snow Owl’s new CD, Art of Contrabass Guitar, Here are some quotes from a recent review (translated from German):

After his debut album “Snow Owl” his second CD has now appeared, and it completely surpasses its predecessor. Juan Garcia-Herreros is one of those who can tell whole stories on the electric bass guitar. This takes more than just technique, this demands also life experience and a broad horizon. Juan Garcia-Herreros possesses both in abundance. His compositions are more than just notes put next to one another, he establishes melodies, he establishes songs and he establishes states. He is assisted with this creation -among others- by Lew Soloff, Klaus Dickbauer and Pete Nater. If there exists a heir of Jaco Pastorius, Juan Garcia-Herreros could be it.

– Alfred Krondraf (Concerto Magazine)

Huge congratulations to Snow Owl, and our best wishes for strong sales!

New Content – New on the site today are the following:

Tip of the Week: Stay Focused

Article: So You Play Bass – Now What?

Article: Creating the Ultimate Gig Bag

Call for Content – As you may have noticed, we’re working hard to offer useful, informative and entertaining content to the web site. (Gee, now, why does that seem familiar?) And we’re inviting you to participate. If you have an article, lesson, or practice tip you’d like to submit, we’d love to see it. And if you’d like to suggest an idea for any of those, as well as glossary or FAQ additions, please send us an email.

Are You Social? – Finally, a quick reminder that we have set up pages on MySpace, You Tube, Facebook and Twitter. If you are on any of those social networks, please link up with us so you can keep tabs on everything we’re doing.

That’s it for today. If all goes as planned we’ll be back in just a few days with more. See you then!

The Snow Owl releases Art of Contrabass Guitar

We’re very excited to tell you that the long awaited second CD from The Snow Owl (Juan Garcia-Herreros) has finally been released. Art of Contrabass Guitar is a tour de force for the young bassist, who is already acknowledged as one of the greatest bassists and composers of his generation.

Early reviews rave about the great songs and outstanding musicianship. We expect to hear and read more stellar reviews in the near future.

Download The Snow Owl’s new CD, Art of Contrabass Guitar at the iTunes store.

Check out Snow Owl’s bio here.

Congratulations to Juan for an outstanding CD! We can’t wait to hear it live!

Site Updates: New Artist, Benefit for Angeline, and more

Maurice Fitzgerald joins the family
Today we welcome our old friend Maurice Fitzgerald to our Endorser Family, and we’re thrilled to have him with us. Check out his bio here.

Benefit for Angeline Saris
We have a member of the family in need of a little help. Angeline Saris has incurred large medical bills due to a blood clot in her arm. To help, friends have set up a benefit concert and are also accepting online donations to help defray these expenses. Read More…

Sean O’Bryan Smith tops chart with Anna Wilson single
We’re thrilled to tell you that brother Sean O’Bryan Smith is back in the charts – this time on Anna Wilsons recently released single, You Don’t Know Me, from her upcoming CD, Countrypolitan Duets. The song features Matt Giraud of American Idol fame, and of course, Sean on bass guitar.

The single debuted at #1 with a bullet on iTunes Jazz chart – in both the US and Canada – and is poised to be there for a while. We’ve been hearing all kinds of wonderful things about the CD. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you, or Sean would kill us all for leaking too soon. However, we can tell you that the CD is awesome, and includes some stellar guest appearances.

Download Anna Wilson’s single, You Don’t Know Me at the iTunes store.

Check out Sean’s bio here.

New lessons this week include:

Practicing Perfectly – knowing how memory works will help you get more out of your practice time. Read…

Beginning Bass: Left Hand Dexterity – Professor Roy is back with more exercises to help improve your left hand. Read…

Practice Tip of the WeekRead…

Many thanks to those who have sent emails over the past week. Some have simply been greetings and congratulations – and we appreciate every one. Others have kindly pointed out misspellings and the like, and have offered additions to our glossary. It always helps to have extra eyes and we appreciate the time you took to help us out.

Site Updates: New Artists, Glossary

Today we welcome two more members of our Endorser Family: Juan Garcia-Herreros (The Snow Owl) and Wes Watson. Both have been avid supporters of David for many years and we’re
thrilled that they will be a part of our new endeavor.

We also posted a Glossary of Terms in our Support section.

Over at BASS U., we loaded new articles and lessons.

We haven’t been updating the Twitter stream too much lately, as Lane is taking a well-deserved break after the NAMM ’10 show. He’ll be back up and running next week.

Site update: NAMM Reports, Videos and TMBG

For those who might have missed them, our VP, Sales & Relationships, Lane Baldwin (Lane on Bass) filed daily updates from the NAMM ’10 show. Today, we loaded more pictures. View Here…

We also just loaded several videos featuring our endorers. This is a temporary solution while we build the section. We’ll add more videos soon. View Here…

Finally, we added a page about Roy Vogt’s Teach Me Bass Guitar – the most comprehensive, effective and entertaining bass guitar instructional course around. Whether you’re a brand-new beginner or want to tighten up your technique and expand your horizons, Roy gives you everything he’s learned in thirty years of teaching at the university level. Check out Teach Me Bass Guitar here…

Welcome to a new era

Greetings and welcome to David Nordschow Amplification’s new web site! We hope you’re as excited as we are! We’ve been itching to launch this site – and this company – for some time.

We could have waited several more months to launch the site, but we thought it would be fun to let you be a part of our true start up. In fact, we want to ask you questions – lots of questions – so we can use that information to do our job better for you.

We will be continually updating this site, as well as our social sites: Twitter (where you’ll get instant updates), You Tube, My Space and Facebook. You’ll also soon see new features – company and artists blogs, S.E.A.L. Team reports, and an entire Community section featuring a forum and more.

We have two goals: to provide you with the ultimate bass amplifier so you can achieve your Perfect Bass Tone, and to provide you with the finest service available, before, during, and after, the sale so you can have Peace of Mind. We hope you will help us achieve both by letting us know what you want and need, not just in a bass amp, but in the company that builds them for you.

We’ve got to admit, we’re really looking forward to the New Year! And we hope you are, too. May 2010 be a wonderful year for you and your family. May all your gigs be great! And may your bass never need tuning! (Well, we can hope, right?)

All the best!

The D.N.A. Team