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Jay A. Turner

Jay A. Turner

Maryland Bassist/Composer Jay A. Turner spent his early years committed to classical guitar, establishing a strong foundation with a challenging repertoire. Since then he’s built a reputation as a go-to bassist for session work and touring in the U.S and Europe. He has released 9 full length solo albums and contributed to 100’s more. 2020 he released his 9th solo album . Jay uses 2 DNS112C cabs and a DNA-1350 Head.

Of his current work he had this to say: “Life is good. Really working hard on limiting work that I`m not vested in and participating in projects that really involve the players in speaking their voice. That`s the crux. Mean it, play it, it should come from the heart and have weight to it. I’ve found the more I stick with this the more projects arise that involve me in this way, its just right! I love playing music.”

– New solo release: “Passion Day”, January 6, 2020. Michael Sauri on Guitar, JP Gaster on Drums, Chris Brooks Keys, and James Robbins Vocals.
– Collaborating with world class vocalist Melissa Wimbish on a collection of Modern Classical songs for Soprano and bass.
– Recorded a Bass/Vocal version of “Heroes” with Piper Greenbaum singing.
– Began recording “Fragmantation” at Wrightway Studio. Created a few videos to go along with the music”

“Session work has been good this year! Going back in the studio for the continuation of JT projects in early March with JP Gaster(dr) and Michael Sauri(gt) at Wrightway Studios in Baltimore to begin work on 3 new songs.. Just digging deeper into better tones and making this one better in some way than the last.”

“You finish a project and you can always see where improvement can be made. Going into this one with a strong sense of color. Gonna be good! Future projects…. on call for a few indie Americana EPs. Working on a video for my version of Heroes (PassionDayCD) featuring Piper Greenbaum. May be doing an Organ Trio… that is gonna be a blast!”

Great article on Jay from the Capital Gazette! Spotlight: Bassman Jay A. Turner’s odyssey from Annapolis to the world
Turner Studio Set-up