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Sean Carolan 1

Sean Carolan

SEAN CAROLAN – Bassist for Mungion

Mungion is a band that transcends genre classification with their intense musicality, exploratory improv, and light-hearted, yet dedicated attitude on-stage and in the studio. Blending elements of Rock, Jazz, Latin, Metal, Bluegrass, Jam, Electronic, Classical, World, and Funk, they create a true fusion of musics. Though, as they are quick to point out, it is not fusion, but rather a synthesis of many different melodic ideas into a new and original one.

We’ve been keeping real busy! In March Mungion capped off a 20 date Winter Tour – which was great for us as it was our first national tour as a headliner. It gave us the opportunity to get out there and just play. Different cities and different stages every night – with the four of us pushing each other on stage to try new things each night. When you do that again and again and again – you really start to create a cohesiveness in sound that there just aren’t any shortcuts for.

The band has a couple releases coming out one of which “Live Fun: Volume 1″ is our first full live release. We picked out some of our favorite live moments from the tour and decided to share it with our fans. On top of that we have some live studio videos we filmed out at Fish Haus recording studios in Detroit that we will be releasing early this month as well. To cap it all off – this Fall we will be releasing our second studio record ‘Ferris Wheel’s Day Off”!

Sean Carolan 2
This summer is shaping up to be a busy one as well – we’ll be out at a lot of festivals around the country. Festival season is a stark contrast from going city to city on your own tour and that is one reason why I’m loving my DNA equipment. Sound checks are almost non existent for festival season – “throw and go”. I have a pretty simple set up – and I just want the cleanest and warmest sound hitting the board each time we play and DNA gives me that. I don’t need an extra D.I. – which for me was unheard of with other rigs – the D.I.’s were often lackluster. The one on board with the DNA is super clean and allows me the consistency I am looking for. Hope to meet lots of new fans on the road this Summer!

instagram – @mungionband