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Greg and Kyrsten Magnuson

Greg and Kyrsten Magnuson

Two piece alternative rock act MAGNUSON hail from Los Angeles, California and have been making their mark on US ears for over 15 years. Alongside tours in the US, the husband and wife team have toured through Europe six times becoming regulars in Sweden and Finland, as well as playing numerous shows in, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, Holland, Iceland, and Mallorca. They were featured in European music magazine Fireworks covering their evocative 2016 album “Discordia”.

Their live show has been described as “…blending catchy, dueling vocals with huge guitar tones, big bass, and fat drum beats.” What sets them apart from other two-piece bands is their emphasis on a full sonic pallet splitting their guitar tone into a guitar amp and also running the signal through a Roland guitar synth into a bass amp. This allows them to set only the low E string to trigger an octave lower. The result live is surprising fullness from just two people. The most common question is, “where is your bass player?” Their response? “We both are”! Greg and Kyrsten also play bass in various side projects and realize that bass is the foundation of all music which must be present for for people to “feel” the music they’re hearing. As a result, MAGNUSON forges a sound that will make you sing and dance while leaving you amazed by their instrument-switching antics…”. New recordings scheduled for release in late 2020… in the meantime check out Discordia!

Greg recently took a break from MAGNUSON to go back to where it all started, returning to his 6 string fretless bass for the 24 year reunion show of three-piece, prog rock favorite, PHYDEAUX. Envisioned as a blend of Primus and Morrissey, this band played their eclectic musical mix for many years through the mid-west. This reunion show was the first time the band had played together in nine years, and the first time they had Kyrsten help cover additional tracks from the album. However, due to the overwhelming response they received, there are now plans to release a new EP and to play more shows throughout 2020. Links to their remastered, debut album and live video below.

“The DNA-800 amp with the DNS210 cab is a perfect balance of size, power, and sound. Our live bass sound covers a huge frequency spectrum and these amps are able to smoothly transition through this range with no resonant hot spots. The EQ is intuitive, versatile and easy to use. The tonal quality is exquisite with a richness and clarity we’ve really never heard in another amp. Present, punchy, and clean with a warmth that is unbeatable. We are proud to say we play DNA Amps!”
– Greg & Kyrsten Magnuson
Greg Magnuson

Interview with Bassist Greg Magnuson in the February 2020 issue of Bass Musician Magazine

Greg Magnuson Bass Highlight Reel


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