DNA Artist of the Month

Jeff Carlson

Jeff Carlson

Jeff Carlson’s solid bass playing has roots in music that keep audiences dancing: Motown, Stax, Muscle Shoals, soul/R&B, and vintage rock. Credits include LP album and artist demo sessions, vintage rock trio Father Time, dance bands The Crew and Final Edition, blues-rock originals Separate Checks, various tribute bands, and some of Chicago’s finest songwriters. Since 2006, Jeff has also supported contemporary worship teams at several churches. And after years of using in-ear monitors, it was time to play live and loud through a DNA rig again.

Over the years, Jeff has combined a love and curiosity for bass playing, building basses, and modifying gear. At a young age, when his peers were putting forks in toasters, he figured out how to connect his first bass and a phonograph to the family’s spare TV set – a 1953 RCA Victor console with built-in mono amp and 12″ speaker. While a cool way to “amp up” for learning the music of the 60’s, Jeff yearned for something more portable than a 40″ x 40″ solid maple cabinet!

Jeff Carlson Rig

Jeff Carlson’s Rig

Besides favoring Lakland 5-strings, Jeff has built basses to suit projects of the moment, such as a fretless P-bass with a Fred Hammon Dark Star pickup that LOVES amps with headroom.

Since 2005, Jeff became an avid fan of David Nordschow’s talent for building responsive bass amps and cabinets. Jeff assisted David with testing in various areas, including product design and quality control. When the company assembled its SEAL Team, Jeff was an obvious choice. The first DNA prototypes were all field tested on festival stages and in clubs with Jeff’s working bands.

“I really love David’s ability to design for headroom and tone, Jeff says, and it’s a real honor to be a Local Liaison and SEAL Team member. Band members immediately notice how my DNA rig speaks clearly and with authority”.

Jeff Carlson DNA Stack

Jeff Carlson’s Stack

Jeff’s DNA/Eden Gear:
DNS112N (x2)
WT800C (used to test the first DNA prototype cabinets)