DNA Artist of the Month

Sean Harrison

For more than thirty years, Sean Harrison has been singing and playing bass guitar. He’s been up and down and back and forth across the United States, with acts ranging from country artists to hair bands to Elvis impersonators. Initially cutting his teeth on bands like Rush, Yes, Kansas, ELO, and the Beatles, Sean attended Alderson-Broaddus college in Philippi, WV until joining his first road act touring relentlessly (40 to 50 weeks per year) for years. In addition to occasional session work in and around Nashville, Sean has continued performing live for a variety of artists including Troy Olsen, Alan O’Day, Charlotte Medley, Paul Scott, LoCash Cowboys, and Brian Nutter.

“I heard about the cabs through an old friend and fellow DNA/Eden artist Abe White (*monster* player and a sweet guy). What I love about them? Obviously, they’re tough – I’ve dragged mine all over the country for 10 years. I’ve seen my cab fall off of trucks, roll over hills in a snowstorm in Iowa during a 1 am load out, had road cases slammed into it at 25 mph, stuff spilled on it, etc., etc. I run my 1st generation DNS410 with a crown 1500 bridged and *loud* – it just keeps going, rock solid, would survive re-entry, and after all of that, it still sounds so dead flat and accurate, it’s amazing! I can take it live and play a metal show and push angry gravel through it, or roll it into Blackbird here in Nashville and get the warmest, burpiest jazz/buzz out of it – it’s graceful, you know?!”

At the beginning of 2020 Logan Hatcher, Robert Wright, and Sean organized a fundraiser for cancer research to honor Neil Peart featuring more than 50 musicians at the Mercy Lounge and raised more than $15,000 for charity. “We used my rig and DNS410, and *everyone* commented on how warm and present it was. It took a thrashing that night – very loud, hard lines, a lot of line pops, 40+ guitar changes, people not muting, pulling cables, plugging in their pedals and pres, gain structure issues, etc, and it was just a beast – sounded *great*!”Sean Harrison Live