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William Hutchison

William E. Hutchison, Jr.

William E. Hutchison, Jr. is an official endorser of DNA Bass Amplifiers, speaker cabinets (Bio) He is also an official endorser of Lakland Bass Guitars. He has played bass in Berlin, Hanau, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Cologne, Mogendorf, Sinzheim, and Kassel Germany: Zurich, Switzerland: and Innsbruck, Austria with international country artist KC Williams. William has performed blazing jazz with The Archie Parks Project and headlined with his own group titled, “Billy’s Band of Brothers. William’s group performed his own original material while also covering a wide range of artists and genres from Phil Collins, Stevie Wonder, Sting, to Marvin Gaye and Motown classics. He has played with blues artists such as Sweet Bev Perrone and Lonnie “Mr. Blues” Givens. He is currently the music director and bass player for Christian Faith Fellowship Church – Waukegan under the pastoral leadership of Pastors Willie and Kathy Moton.

William is a complete bassist who is versatile in all styles of music from Classic Motown, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Country, Classic Rock and Gospel. He has played in acts that have opened for Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban and Tim McGraw. He has played at Summerfest, Milwaukee, Country Thunder, Country USA and The Taste of Chicago.

Saturday July 14, 2018 William will be playing at the 4th Annual “Gospel on the Beach” music festival on the Lakefront at the Stiner Pavilion in Waukegan, Illinois. He will also be playing bass with Eddie Dominoe and “The Dominoe Effect” on the main stage the same day at the Scoop the Loop Festival, located in downtown Waukegan. Eddie Dominoe is the nephew of the late great Fats Dominoe and is carrying on his great legacy.
Music directed Cornel Ford’s Motion Picture “Eyes from Eden”.William Hutchison Jr.

Interview with Dr. Wadell Brooks, Sr. of Local Public Affairs Station:

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Billy’s Band of Brothers Performing “Golden” at Afro-fest in Waukegan 2017:

Billy’s Band of Brothers Performing Myron’s Groove at Afro-fest in Waukegan 2017

Interview by Music Blog in New York:
Interview with Daughter on GMAP Radio:

My daughter just released her 1st album and she produced it herself!!!! I’m music directing her live band, managing her and playing bass on a couple of her tracks on her CD.

Check her out: “Love Notes” by Rachel Yvonne.

William states, “What I love about my DNA 1350 amplifier, DNS 2×10 and DNS 1×15 is the incredible power, clarity, transparency and versatility!!! My DNA 1350 has all the flexibility and headroom that I will ever need. If drums are the heartbeat of music, then bass is the blood that gives life to the groove. With my DNA I am able to provide the foundation that I am counted on to contribute with every musical act I am called to serve. David Nordschow’s DNA bass amplification brings out the best of yours! Excellence has never been average… Neither is my DNA! From Reggae to Rock, Blues, Country, Gospel and Jazz – my DNA delivers for me every time! Every ounce of sweat that I put into playing, my DNA delivers. My DNS 2×10 alone blows away most 4x10s in the market! My DNS 1×15 can produce deep bass without any mud… High fidelity bass at it’s best! My tone is in my DNA! I also happen to be the digital designer of the faceplate of the DNA 1350 and DNA 800.”