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Jim Lenten

Jim Lenten

Brand new video interview with Jim & Bass Musician Magazine now online! Raul Amador chats with AdvorsA bassist James Lenten via Skype.

If you live in the Midwest and are a fan of going to see live Rock/Metal bands, you’ve probably seen Jim Lenten, or “Grim” as some people call him perform. From cover bands to original projects, pop-rock to death metal, he’s played many venues in northern Illinois and Indiana. Grim was inspired at an early age as his father was a touring musician. Early piano and drum lessons evolved into teaching himself guitar at 15. At 27, he was asked to fill in on bass for a friend’s band and realized he had found his instrument.

Today Jim makes the rounds in the Chicago metal scene, clubs, underground punk/metal shows with his current band AdvorsA… a metal band made up of musicians from northeastern Illinois. Grim was drawn into the genre by the speed and technicality of the music… and embraced the challenge. AdvorsA has an EP coming out summer of 2017 and working on a full length album scheduled for late-summer 2018 release. Follow/Like the band on Facebook and check out their debut album on BandCamp… links below.

Jim Lenten

“When I first fired up my new DNA-1350 I spent a little while just letting notes ring out, listening to the over tones and harmonics that my old amp was apparently ignoring. Once I started playing the thing that stood out most was the natural sound of my bass. The lows were powerful without being too boomy and the highs were not shrill but piano like. Partnered with my DNS410 cab I get amazing bass tones that can rattle your fillings. My DNA rig truly sounds twice as big as it is”!

About the Band
Advorsa has come to drink your beer, smoke your weed, and melt your face! Formed in Chicago, Advorsa has made it their mission to create brutal Death Metal fused with other forms of extreme metal to form a well rounded sound that every metal head can enjoy. Advorsa is 20% allergic to soy and feverishly craves bourbon.

New AdvorsA Release

DNA-1350 Amp, DNS410NC Cab
Voodoo Labs power supply, Darkglass Alpha/Omega, Mxr 10 band EQ, Decimator G-2,
Shure wireless.
Fender P-Basses (4 & 5 strings), Warwick (4 string fretless), Guild B-301, Gibson
Thunderbird, NS Designs EUB.

DNA Amplification
GHS Strings

Jim’s DNA Artist page.

Past Projects:
Dropmouth — Chicago based Nu-metal band.