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Chris Parrish

Chris Parrish

Chris Parrish has an eclectic and varied taste in music and picked up the bass guitar around age 15. Drawing influences from the likes of Pantera, The Stray Cats, The Misfits and even southern rock bands like .38 Special, not too mention country and western acts like Bob Wills or David Allen Coe, Chris started to develop a unique style that lent itself more towards roots music and even punk rock. By the time he was 18, Chris had recorded his first album with the Fort Worth based punk band Eerie Ln. and had already begun to tour regionally, all the while regularly appearing in a Texas blues band at various Fort Worth clubs.

At 20 Chris made the switch from the electric bass to the upright bass (a move inspired by a swing band he had watched with his father some years earlier on PBS) and began to play progressive metal. From there he left the prog scene for an Austin Based cowpunk calling themselves The Hotrod Hillbillies where he was able to hone his unique style melding Texas country with punk rock and a healthy dose of upright bass percussive slap. It was in this outfit Chris recorded his second full length album and toured the US extensively. From there he would move on to form the Dallas rock and roll band Sawed Off Sick (with former members of the Phantom Rockers, Slick 57 and Ghoultown), record two more full length records and tour regionally before they disbanded.

Chris’ current band, From Parts Unknown, is a punky rock and roll band out of Dallas, TX. They are a trio: guitar, drums and the upright bass. FPU have recently signed with Stupid Rad Records and Distro out of Chicago, IL and are set to release their third offering “S8N” Summer 2019 and will be touring the US, Canada and Australia to promote the release.

“I just got back from touring the Gold Coast of Australia with my DNA 1350 amp and this thing performed flawlessly. It was a short tour; 6 live shows and one studio appearance. I wasn’t able to bring my cabs (DNA 4×10 and 1×15 of course), and of my support gear (tuners, wireless setup, ect) or my upright bass because of space limitations on the plane, power requirements of a foreign country and other various logistical headaches.

I had to borrow everything from the locals except my 1350 and needless to say, it was the only piece of gear that I could rely on in the very uncertain situation I found myself in on the other side of the equator. It always turned on, lit up, interfaced with every power source I plugged it into and sounded fucking rad! It really saved me.

I can’t wait to use this amp on our upcoming European tour! It fits right inside of my carry-on luggage and I know its power up and play every single gig without exception, no matter how grueling the tour may get. DNA is the best for the touring bass player, hands down”.

January & February 2020 Tour dates:

Chris Parrish 2

Chris Parrish

January 24 Arlington Division Brewing
January 25 Wichita Falls Sticks Place Bar
January 26 Oklahoma City Drunken Fry
January 27 Amarillo Left Woods
January 28 Albuquerque Cantina
January 29 El Paso Neon Rose
January 30 San Angelo the Deadhorse Bar
January 31 San Antonio the Mix
February 1 Laredo Cold Brew Bar
February 2 McAllen Yerbia Cultura
February 3 Corpus Christi tba
February 4 Houston House show
February 5 Austin Kick Butt Coffee
February 8 Dallas Three Links Deep Ellum
February 9 Tulsa Mercury Lounge

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