Dna 4x10 screw for speaker on top hitting antenuator

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Dna 4x10 screw for speaker on top hitting antenuator

Postby lownote13 » Sat Jul 07, 2012 9:25 am

So I got my second 4x10 the other day . Yes it was used and I got it from bass san diego. Today I was playing and found a slight rattleing noise from the tweeter atenuator when playing . So me being me I took the grill off and found the antenuator loose. I removed the speaker in that area next to it to check inside and make sure nothing else looked wierd . I found that the screw in the speaker is shorter than the other 3 but that it still hits the antenuator and pushes it to an odd angle when tight . I was thinking about taking my other 4x10 apart and looking to see how that is cause it makes no noise . Some of the noise is was from the screw rubbing on the case for the atenuator. I put some plastic rack washers on the screw and tightened it down and resecured the antenuator and no more noise or rubbing but seems wierd. Didn't look like it had ever been take apart before. I assume it's one of the original models as it doesn't have casters.

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