Last Night's Show.......Wow!

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Last Night's Show.......Wow!

Postby rinos88 » Sun Oct 24, 2010 6:50 pm

I'm just in complete shock and awe about the energy of last nights show. Trying not to brag here and sound arrogant about my band, but it was just friggin' amazing!

I've played several hundred (maybe thousands) times since I was a little kid until now. I've played small dive bars with 12 people in the audience, all the way to HUGE outside festivals with several thousand in attendance. However, I've never felt the 'electricity' in the air like happened last night.

The sound man did an absolutely amazing job with the monitor mix. Best I've ever heard and he did it all really quickly. Our tones came out great (although mine will be much better soon.....heh heh :twisted: ). The sound guy said we made his job very easy and he was astonished at how well we each set our giant rigs.

The place had a good crowd for the first band, then it dissapated a bit on the second.

We came up as the third band of the night. About 2 minutes into our first set, people started screaming, texting their friends to come, and then running outside to grab others. People started literally pouring in through the doors and packed the stage tighter than a can of sardines. Everyone screaming, fists and metal-horns pounding and people familiar with our stuff were singing along. Even though we were playing at a pretty loud level, I could hear people freaking out and screaming "What the heck am I hearing?! Oh my gosh, they're all singing in perfect harmony. I haven't heard a Metal band do that in years!"

There was a guy with a broken leg and on crutches who stood up fron the whole time. We had to give him a free CD for being a real trooper.

CD's and shirts were sold and the club owner grabbed me and said "I book 6 weeks out. I WANT YOU GUYS BACK! Will you do it?"

I'm still just pumped from the energy.
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Re: Last Night's Show.......Wow!

Postby Bassmann1968 » Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:39 pm

That's great to hear.
That's what we need!
I love it when that electricity is there.

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Re: Last Night's Show.......Wow!

Postby LaneOnBass » Mon Oct 25, 2010 10:31 am

VERY cool, bro! So... when's the next show there?
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Re: Last Night's Show.......Wow!

Postby rinos88 » Mon Oct 25, 2010 5:58 pm

We're actually talking with the club owner this week about going back there sometime within the next 6 weeks. Other than that one, I'll have to check with the guys at practice on Wednesday. I know we're supposed to be back at club called the Brass Rail that we packed about 2 months ago, then S.O.P.'s is supposed to book us sometime soon. I just don't think we have confirmed anything with them yet.

It's so crazy that most of our shows have been out of our home state and we're just finally starting to play some around home.

Wanna come to Florida with us in February, Lane? I think I still may have room for one person on my guest list. The Dean DOA festival would be a HUGE place to pimp the DNA line. (I know I plan on doing that!) It's not confirmed yet, but we may be opening for Brett Michaels there, meaning that it will most be likely packed more than usual.

We played with L.A. Guns, Michael Angelo Batio and Leslie West there last year.
DNA 1350 and 410-4: Why settle for really good tone when you can have the best?

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