8 Years in the Making

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8 Years in the Making

Postby Gruntollio » Wed Sep 10, 2014 11:45 pm

Finally after 8 years and several burnt out drummers in our wake, my band HATEMAIL have their first release in all this time!

Our release went live on iTunes overnight and will also be available in various other online music stores like amazon, spotify, googleplay and many more.


We are very pleased with how this has turned out and hope you guys like it too.

My DNS410 speaker cabinet along with Eden WTDI and WT1205 were used in all tracks and if you're wondering where those whacky bass tones are coming from, I also used my Chunk Systems Octavious Squeezer to generate some duck/cat/lion/wolf/platypus noises! lol

Please drop by and have a listen to the free samples, and of course if you like it, then get clickin and own it!
If you really really like it, then drop by my bands page at:
www.facebook.com/hatemailsydney and give us a like....or love if you must!
And for those wanting to campare the old to the new, we've also made available online for FREE our old stuff:
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