The Zawinul Syndicate live in Tbilisi

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The Zawinul Syndicate live in Tbilisi

Postby ProDigit » Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:08 pm

Ok, for those who do not travel far, and who wished to hear some of the recordings made in July 03, 2000 when Joe Zawinul went to Tbilisi with Victor Bailey on the bass.

The recordings where phenomenal, though for some reason not published. I've been able to grab a recording from someone, and have youtubed it!
It's probably one of the funkiest, and grooviest recordings I've ever heard in my entire life!
They actually continued with one groove (throughout 3 songs) over 20 minutes long, so I had to cut it in 2 youtube vids.

Unfortunately I do not have video. But the audio is just one piece of art and a great contribution to the World Music scene!
I found it a pitty that this recording would go into oblivion, especially with the passing of Joe Zawinul 2 years ago, noone came to the stage to publish this recording. Therefor, enjoy this !:

Part 1-2:

Part 2-2:

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