The annual Elvis/Dolly gig...

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Re: The annual Elvis/Dolly gig...

Postby bassmayhem » Thu Aug 12, 2010 3:50 am

Lane! There can only be one king! Well, seriously, I'll have to check on that. There are a couple of "Elvis acts" touring here already, mostly around Xmas. Sweden is a small country and the market gets saturated - was that correct? - rather quick. As a matter of fact, the others do not succeed very well around here, since there is just one king and it happens to be our Stefan Wikström since 25 years. Stefan is not doing the total impersonation thing anymore, but when he is on stage he becomes The King in the eyes of the audience. A natural man. As I said, I'll check on what's possible.

On the other hand: I have an old friend in Hamburg in the promo biz. Try to contact him/them:
The boss, Folkert Koopmans, arranged our German tours back in the 80's when he had the office on the pocket and Mayhem was a lesser person, weight wise, I mean...

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