A lesson in LOUD! December, 2019

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A lesson in LOUD! December, 2019

Postby RipVanDan » Tue Feb 11, 2020 6:15 pm

Wow, I forgot to post about this gig in December. I was playing a gig before Christmas with the Blues Phoenix Project. We are a blues rock trio and our set-lists are heavily blues oriented. I had purchased a DNS-210 to take to small and medium-sized clubs so rolling in my DNS-410 didn't scare the owners of small venues.

We had a gig in Sultan, WA (east and a little north of Seattle) playing 9 to 1 in what I would call a "large medium-sized club". I knew my DNS-410 would easily cover it but really wanted to try out my DNS-210. So this was my first gig with the 210. Since I wasn't sure if the 210 would cover it OK, I brought along my DNS-410 too and stacked the DNS-210 on top of it. Then I put my WT500/800 in its rack on top of both. That was a very convenient height for adjusting the knobs on my amp! Our guitar player was mic'd and running through our JBL-15" mains, but I was not mic'd or running through the board.

I plugged my DNS-210 into the amp and ran it bridged from my amp (800-watts). Knew I wouldn't be running it wide open, since it produces a max SPL of 134db at 700 watts, so wasn't worried about hurting it at all. Stacking it up like that I also knew that I could, in just a matter of seconds, unplug the 210 and plug in my 410. So, yeah, I was hedging my bets.

Here's the set up:


We got there and got all set up and ran a sound check. I was using a wireless, so it was easy for me to move around to all the corners and edges. Sounded good on the dance floor, at the back of the dance floor, at the first row of tables and against the back wall. There's an open counter that runs along the side wall with two open doors to the bar area itself. Sound level went down a considerably when I walked through the entry to the bar itself, which was a good thing - easy for the bartender to take orders. I had my 800-watt amp set at 10 o'clock on the master.

Bass was nicely defined and balanced. The mix sounded good throughout. I was a bit surprised and pleased. I didn't really expect it to cover that well without turning my amp up more. When I got up on stage and we started playing our first song I about blew my ears out. The stage ran across a corner, so it was plenty deep enough for the drums, but the wings were really shallow. I had my amp directly behind me and I was not even 3-ft. in front of it. Man, that was a mistake!

Here's the stage before I moved my amp:


At the end of the first song, I moved our PA Mains over as far as they would go so I could move my amp farther to my left and moved my mic about another foot towards my right. Still was too close and I moved the amp and cabs up towards the front just enough to get behind its 60° cone of distribution. Then I still heard it just fine, but it was no longer painful. Finished up playing it from there and we got a lot of compliments about our sound.

Here's a shot of us playing. Notice how my amp is behind the headpiece of my bass at this point instead of directly behind me.


So I very quickly saw why so many of the DNA Endorsers use the DNS-210 for their gigs and not nearly as many use the DNS-410. This is a very LOUD cab. And yet it has all the characteristics of my DNS-410. It's every bit as clear, full and articulate in a smaller form factor. And it has a deep and tight bottom end too. I have now relegated my DNS-410 to outdoor venues and outdoor festivals. I honestly can't imagine a club where the DNS-210 wouldn't be enough.
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