Battery powered mini practice combo!

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Battery powered mini practice combo!

Postby ProDigit » Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:29 am

I've done some research, and if I'm correct, this $55 battery (with charger): ... 2eb169383e
Should be able to provide enough power for a 100W amp to run a session a little over 1 to 1,5 hours.

Pair that together with David's ultra efficient speakers, ultra small and compact, and lightweight design, and great tone, and you got a battery powered practice amp!

I'm looking for something as small as 2x6" to 4x6" drivers, and the battery built into the combo design. Not specifically for bass though, perhaps for piano, guitar, upright or electronic sax would be great too!

David should be able to squeeze 150-200W peak out of it, perhaps pair 2 of these lightweight batteries (or create a combo where I could install 2 of them inside, that would work on 12V, and comes with a car cigarette lighter plug).

It's not going to be enough for bass amplification in fullbands, but should be enough for acoustic gigs, and street gigs.

I believe this is a market predominantly ruled by Roland. They have great gear, but their amps have a very low wattage. (their newest model gives 109dB SPL, which is quite something, but I'm sure for a piano, upright, guitar, voice, or electronic wind instrument combo; which uses less bass; 109dB is not that difficult to reach)!
I'm sure David can reach levels around 116dB SPL max out of such a setup; AND a better bass response as Roland.

Apart from Roland there are VERY FEW companies creating battery powered amps (or combo's).

So here's my request:
A battery powered 12V combo amp, with tiny drivers (with optional cigarette lighter plug for charging or using it in the car).
If not battery powered, at least 12V, and hopefully a way for me to install batteries perhaps within the cabinet.

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