Worst combo thread?

If it's not a bass, and it's not an amp, but it's something you use when you're playing bass, talk about it here.

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Re: Worst combo thread?

Postby TobiasMan » Tue Nov 09, 2010 8:16 pm

The only "combo" I've ever owned, I still have - a 1972 Fender Bassman 10 Silverface. Heavy pig, but a unique tube sound. Casters are long gone, tubes crackle for a bit as it warms up. Doesn't handle B well at all, but its just part of that "era" and not going anywhere at the moment. ;)
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Re: Worst combo thread?

Postby ProDigit » Tue Nov 09, 2010 9:30 pm

I'm surprised!
Am I the only one who spent nearly $5000 in 2 or 3 years, on crap gear (entry material)?

I mainly did it to learn from it, until the bass shop owner got to know me better, and allow to test gear in the store.

I've had several combo's, some great, some less, they all had their issues...
Most of the issues where that none of my combo's where actually loud enough to produce the fundamental frequencies on a volume level for band play.

Some where loud, but had specs like 80Hz-16kHz or so,
others had specs 35Hz-22kHz, but where rated only 35Watts,

But the worst of the worst, may have been the crate combo, a 25W ugly heavy combo box, that did not have enough volume and had ratings in the likes of 120Hz-5kHz, kind of like a tweeter-less guitar combo, heavy as lead for a single 10"!

You know, the type where nomatter what you dial in on the EQ, you NEVER can make it sound good?

That was before Crate started copying BEhringer, which copied Hartke combo's.
Crate has done a lot on their looks, but they are still overpriced, under-performing, bad sounding wooden crates..
Their name kind of has some resemblances to a banana-box with an old 12" guitar speaker in it.

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Re: Worst combo thread?

Postby rinos88 » Tue Nov 09, 2010 10:54 pm


I have that exact same combo amp sitting about 3 feet from me right now. I would've given it a similar review. It was given to me by an old church lady who's husband died.

It definitely sounds less than great. But, for free, I just keep it at home for personal practice.

On another note, I remember an old Rogue combo I bought for home practice about 10 years ago. It had a three band eq, but only the treble knob did anything at all. It just barley did anything to attenuate the highs. I think I gave it away and even felt sorry for the person I gave it to.

It weighed quite a bit for an 8" speaker, too. I think it had a very overrated 15w. That has to be the absolute worst amp of any type or size that I've ever played in my entire life.

It isn't even worth posting a picture of on here and disgracing the forum. (That is if I would've even taken a picture of it.)
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