The Steinberger and the Easter Bunny

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The Steinberger and the Easter Bunny

Postby bassmayhem » Sat Nov 27, 2010 9:05 am

I have been scanning a lot of old dia slides and all of a sudden this picture resurfaced after 26 ½ years.
Our old band had a six month's stay in Montreux, Switzerland and on the morning of the Easter day I found this guy sitting next to my bed. A gigantic chocolate bunny that lasted over midsummer. I bought the Steinie in Hamburg earlier that spring/winter; it was the very first Steinberger bass in Germany, the same one seen on the Frankfurt Musikmesse with two guys standing on the neck of the bass when it was placed between/on top of two speaker cabs.


It is a lined fretless with a very low serial number, the neck was VERY solid with no sign of warping or twisting. The only thing I had to do was some occasional polishing of the fingerboard to get rid of the string marks. The nut was very smart constructed: the end of the fingerboard was shaped in a 45 degree downwards angle, so the strings lied flat on the end of the fingerboard, giving a zero height, i.e. the same as when you "fretted" a note up on the neck. Smart! I sold this bass to a nice guy in Berlin a few years ago, since I never played it, so it has in a way moved back home. The thing I never got to get at home with was the very narrow string spacing, made for slender hands and not my kind of paws. Anyway - a funny pic. And yes - I ate the whole bunny. In three months, but it WAS in fact hollow...

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