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David NordschowDavid Nordschow grew up in Iowa City, Iowa, playing in the labs at the University of Iowa where his father was a professor. Although he lost most of his left arm in a climbing accident while still a teenager, David never lost his love of music, continuing to play the Tuba, Euphonium and Trumpet throughout his school career, and pursuing a career in the music industry.

While studying electronics engineering at Luther College and Brown Institute, David operated a small lighting company and managed local bands. In the early 70s, he continued tour management and added live sound and lighting to his schedule. Later he was a booking agent and personal manager for several top regional acts.

David continued live sound mixing and studio work throughout the 1970’s and  80’s, and he also wrote and taught courses in recording at the University of Minnesota.

In the late 1970s, David was also a partner in a retail music store, which grew to become a large pro sound retailer. During that same era, he earned a patent on a revolutionary loudspeaker cooling system – an air pump with no moving parts.

In addition, David was  a partner in a company that manufactured adaptive devices (prosthetics) for farmers, athletes and others with special needs. One device – a special release mechanism for archers – helped the US Olympic Archery Team win the Silver Medal. For several years he was a member of the Minnesota Technical Advisory Board, and has also served as a Montrose, MN, city council member, deputy mayor, and head of the Economic Development Commission.

Somehow, in the middle of all of that, David launched Eden Electronics in 1976. In the beginning, the company focused on PA and sound support systems, including large permanent installations and touring rigs. David was the first to bring a three-way time-aligned PA speaker system to the US market, just one of many firsts throughout his career. He was recognized as Small Exporter of the Year by the Small Business Administration in 2000.

Eden Electronics soon began to offer custom bass cabinets to touring professionals, filling a need in the market. This was the beginning of David’s obsession to “high fidelity bass tone.” In addition to Eden Electronics bass cabinets, David and his team built OEM speakers for numerous manufacturers, including Ampeg, Mesa Boogie and Randall. He also began development on a new cabinet design that featured multiple 10-inch speakers coupled with a high-frequency horn.

For three years, David partnered with SWR, providing bass cabinets designed, engineered and manufactured by David and his team and sold under the SWR brand. When that partnership ended, he launched the Eden Electronics line of amps and cabinets. The rest, as they say, is history. David’s designs have long been considered among the finest in the industry.

David left Eden in 2008, several years after the company was acquired by US Music, now a subsidiary of Jam Industries. “Letting go is never easy,” David says, “but it was time to move on to new territory, to continue my pursuit of The Perfect Bass Rig.”

With the launch of David Nordschow Amplification, David is once again poised to set a new standard in bass guitar amplification. David is CEO and Chief Engineer, overseeing all phases of the company’s operation.

When not in the lab perfecting new designs, David enjoys reading, golfing, playing with his puppies, and supporting his two daughters’ pursuit of musical excellence. He continues his interest in martial arts, holding a brown belt in Tai Kwan Do and classic karate, although he does admit he hasn’t won a tournament in a while. He also enjoys spending time away from the office with his wife of more than 25 years, Judy.

David prefers donuts over muffins with his coffee, which he takes with cream and Splenda.

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  • High David , I sent an email previously but no answer ? Let us try again : can you please contact me under above email or
    (still the same !!) 011436766127665 ?
    Thanks & kisses , Kostas

  • Dennis says:

    I’ve been reading up on your products and I’m very interested in trying them out. I’ve been playing bass for 26 years now professionally and I’m looking for a new direction with my sound. I’ve been using a David Eden WT-300 Traveler head since the beginning along with the SWR 4×10 that I believe was when you were with then. As a fan of your work I’m extremely excited to try the DNA products.
    Do you have a dealer in Ontario Canada? I live 1hr outside of Toronto in a place called Cambridge. I’m really interested in the DNA 1350 head & the DNS 210 cab.

    If you could point me in the right direction or suggest something. Please let me know.

    Thanks You

    Dennis Napper
    Freelance musician,
    Singer, songwriter.
    (519) 277 – 4363

  • Matt Gadouas says:

    I’ve been playing products created by David Nordschow for about 15 years now. My very first rig had a D410XLT and D115XL. They were the first bass cabinets I ever bought, so i figured they were simply “industry standard” and that all cabinets must be that good. It wasn’t until I was regularly gigging and had to play through other backlines that I started to realize “not all bass cabs are created equal”. It didn’t take long for me to realize my rig was something unique. Shortly thereafter I added a WT800(a) to the rig, and I was sold.

    Here we are, years later, and my new main rig is a DNA1350 powering x2 DNS210’s, and I couldn’t be happier. Every show I play, my rig is the envy of any knowledgeable bass player out there. I love being able to spread the joy that these bass rig products deliver. I will always be a “Nordschow loyalist” because if David has proven one thing, he knows bass.

    • Dear Matt,
      Thanks for the kind words. I an really excited about the new DNA gear. It was so much fun to start over with a clean sheet of paper and reset the standards.
      Best Wishes,.

  • Steven Gittus says:

    Hi David
    Love to chat with you and catch up. My life has taken quite a turn 4 years ago. I am just starting my on line of Jazz style basses called Kettner’s. Got a great idea that i would love to chat with you about!

    Take care, Steven Gittus

    PS. Say hi to Judy for me!

  • Chris Bergman says:

    I am very interested in your new DNA DNS cabs. I’m selling my lightweight Aguilar SL112s because I just don’t think the super lightweight cabs with neo speakers can really compare to traditional ceramic magnet speakers.
    Years ago I played through an SWR 4×10 and loved it.
    I presently play rock music in a cover band (We cover The Rolling Stones, U2, Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Costello, David Bowie, etc)
    Of the cabinet configurations you offer, which do you feel is best suited to the music style I play? I personally like the idea of stacking two DNS112s with ceramic magnets because of the ease of portability. But do you feel the DNS410 or a combo of the DNS112 with the DNS115 would be a better option? Soo many choices! I need help here! Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
    Kind Regards,
    Chris Bergman

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