Wesley Cole Switzer

Wesley Cole SqitzerWesley Cole Switzer is a free-lance session and touring bassist based out of Los Angeles, CA. A Berklee alumni, Switzer studied with Matthew Garrison (Herbie Hancock Band), Danny Morris (Buddy Guy) and Anthony Wellington (Victor Wooten Band). Following Berklee, Switzer relocated to Los Angeles where he works as a Music Director for some of the top artists in funk, soul, pop and blues. Additionally, he’s an engineer and producer at Sound Moves Music Group, and Milestone Records. ¬†Switzer also leads his own jazz/funk group, the Cole Collective.

On tour, and on larger stages Wesley uses our DNS-410. For most gigs in town, however, he finds the DNS-210 to work extremely well.

“The DNS-410 is enough power to fill any room,” says the veteran bassist, “and leaves the tone in my hands, not the sound guy. Around town I’ve been using the DNS-210. It gives me the punch that I need for funk, and depth for a nice warm mo-town gig as well. I wouldn’t trade my DNA cabs for anything!”