Terry Lee Richards II

Terry Lee Richards II began his musical journey at the tender age of nine years old. His first live show came at the age 14, when he performed for a festival crowd of more than 5,000. After that, Terry knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life.

While Terry’s main focus is Metal, he has played everything from Gospel, to Country,  to Prog Metal. His love of heavy melodic music earned him the bass slot in Eternity X when it reformed several years ago. His time with the veteran band led him to his current unit, Born of Silence.

The band is currently hard  at work on their debut CD, and playing shows to sold-out venues across the Midwest.

Terry has been an ardent fan of David’s work for several years. While he loved David’s past designs (and endorsed them for several years) he says his new DNA-based system is better than anything he’s ever used. “I can’t say enough about the tone and clarity of the DNS-410,” he says. “David really did redefine tone again!”