Mike Watt

There is – and will only ever be – one WATT – Mike Watt. And believe us when we say it”s the loudest WATT you”ll ever hear.

The Godfather of Indie Rock, Mike Watt”s rose to national attention in the early 80s with the Minutemen, one of the most important bands in Indie history.

These days WATT splits his time between touring with Iggy Pop and the Stooges (“It”s great to be the youngest member of the band for once!” he says.), The Second Men, Mike”s own band, and Dos, a two bass duo featuring WATT and former Black Flag bassist, Kira Roessler.

Mike has been an avid endorser of David”s designs for almost two decades. Now, he”s a member of our SEAL Team (Special Evaluation And Liaison Team), and will also serve as our Brute Force tester. Once Mike has put a product through its paces to ensure it will stand up to even the most rigorous use, that product will receive the “Certified Watt Approved” seal of approval. Based on past experience, we can say that if a product can withstand WATT, it will hold up to pretty much anything you can throw at it (except, perhaps, a refrigerator). WATT”s reason for being one of our first endorsers is simple. “I”ve always loved David”s designs, and have been punishing them for years. Why stop now, when I”m having so much fun?”

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