Craig Murray

DNA Artist Craig Murray

Craig Murray

You’ve heard the phrase “Jack of all trades; Master of none.” For Craig Murray, use this one instead: Jack of All Trades – Master of ALL of them! Far more than a bassist, he’s also an arranger, composer, ground-breaking educator and producer. He also plays every brass, single-reed and string instrument you care to name. While studying his BA and MA in Music Composition, Craig’s main instruments were Euphonium, trumpet and, of course, bass guitar.

A music teacher at Rio Linda High School (Sacramento area, CA), Craig created one of the first “Rock School” programs in the country, and continues to teach recording and recording software courses, as well as running the vocal program. His vocal arrangements and small ensemble pieces have been performed in numerous prestigious concerts and competition events.

A long-time user of David’s designs, Craig currently uses ourĀ DNS-210 cabinets and DNA-1350 amplifier. This combination works extremely well, regardless of genre – Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues or Country.

“David’s designs just keep getting better,” Craig said. “This rig is the best yet! I can get anything I need, no matter what I’m called on to provide.”