Ace (Asa) Livingston

Ace Livingston

Ace Livingston

Jamaican born, American raised Ace Livingston began his journey into music as a secondary choice to a career in professional soccer. Sometimes in life it takes a major event to reveal the true passion within, and so it was with Ace. No longer pursuing a sports career Ace found release in music. He had experience in playing within the context of the church and decided not to limit himself to one particular style.

As a result of clear focus, diligence, and a passion for excellence Ace was soon adept in a variety of musical styles, and although his first love is the bass guitar he is also skilled on other instruments.

Ace has played with major recording artists on tour, on location and on several television spots. He is a sought after musician in the music realms of R&B, Contemporary Jazz, Gospel, and Contemporary Christian. He has played with such artists as 98 Degrees, Jessica Simpson, Usher, Mario Winans, Pink, Alex Bugnon, Joe, Chico DeBarge, Israel And The New Breed, and Jennifer Lopez. In addition to playing, performing and recording with talented and well known musicians Ace has also created and developed a band that will soon release their first recording project with sounds of Neo Soul, R&B, Contemporary Jazz, and Gospel.



Ace is proficient on the 4, 5, and 6 string bass as well as the keyboard bass synthesizer. Ace’s dedication to music, his passion for excellence and his unique style of expressing and relating to and with his audiences ensures that he has a significant and influential career ahead of him.

He’s been a member of the family for so long, it’s hard to remember a time when Ace wasn’t with us. “I’ve trusted David with my sound for so long,” Ace says, “that I just can’t imagine ever working with anyone else. He gives me everything I need from my rig, and they all treat me like royalty.”